Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours at Ridgeview Middle School


The required deadline for SSL forms that qualify students for the
MS Superintendent’s SSL Award is April 5, 2024.

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Join our RMS SSL Canvas page!  Click on this link to enroll and receive updates for SSL this year as well as access ideas for volunteering.  Parents and students are welcome! 



SSL Opportunities, Resources, Forms & Contacts


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2023-2024 SSL Opportunities

February SSL Opportunities

2023-2024 Keeping It Safe Student Video Contest-5 SSL hours

QOHS Boosters is now offering SSL-hours for concession stand help. 

Youth & Government Teen Civics Program

The Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Center on Shady Lane
in Glenwood, Howard County, MD SSL Opportunity

Arrise and Flourish SSL Opportunities!
Click for Details

GYC & Gaithersburg Public Library SSL Opportunity


Get your service learning hours while helping others in the weekly “Reading Buddies” service program sponsored by GYC. You will be reading books/stories to an individual or group of children at the Gaithersburg Public Library.

The “Reading Buddies” program occurs every Monday throughout the school year. You do NOT have to participate every Monday- just as often as you’d like! Permission forms can be found in the media center or HERE.

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Arise and Flourish-SSL Opportunities!

Arise and Flourish is a nonprofit organization based in Montgomery County, Maryland that speaks to students in their health classes about substance abuse prevention by sharing stories from persons in long-term recovery. They bring together like-minded organizations and individuals to share ideas and information concerning the critical social needs created by alcohol and drug dependency in the Washington Metro area.  Arise Flourish advances specific solutions for those needs through prevention, education, fundraising, and issue awareness activities.   

To earn SSL hours, students will need to visit the Montgomery County Volunteer Center and in the red box “Find a Volunteer Opportunity," type in Arise and Flourish. Students will find the volunteer opportunity for the cycle of addiction video review project. 

Students should NOT use their MCPS email address
as the center will not be able to respond to them.

Once students respond for the volunteer opportunity on the site, they will be sent a student/parent permission slip and detailed volunteer information. Please make sure the students do NOT use their MCPS email address as we will not be able to respond to them. Students will watch two video presentations provided by our organization. One video is of our speakers who are people in recovery who share their personal experience. The second video is the presentation on the cycle of addiction which has information on how addiction happens. 

Students have the ability to earn the following for
the quality completion of this project: 

1) Earn 1 SSL hour for watching one speaker video and the
video for the cycle of addiction and completing one paper or artwork or;

2) Earn up to 4 SSL hours for watching up to 4 speaker videos along with the one video for the cycle of addiction and completing 4 papers or 4 artworks.

Students can watch anywhere from 1 - 4 speaker videos and the video for the cycle of addiction and completing one paper or artwork for EACH speaker video watched.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to work with
Arise and Flourish and a way to  obtain SSL hours!


Student Service Learning Graduation Requirement
Summer is a wonderful time for students to engage in SSL opportunities and earn SSL hours towards meeting the 75-hour state graduation requirement! 

Middle school and high school students should continue earning SSL hours towards their SSL graduation requirement by engaging in SSL opportunities over the summer, including traditional in-person opportunities and select virtual/remote opportunities that follow the guidelines posted on the MCPS SSL webpage ( 

 Please review the following important information for the MCPS SSL program:

Nonprofit-Hosted SSL OpportunitiesMCPS SSL organizations and opportunities are tagged with the blue MCPS SSL banner and graduation cap icon on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) websiteMany nonprofit-hosted in-person and virtual/remote SSL opportunities have already been posted for the summer! All opportunities (including in-person): opportunities: additional tips on how to search for opportunities, please go to 
MCPS SSL Guidelines for Virtual/Remote ServiceStudents may continue to earn SSL hours for select virtual/remote service completed from home under the sponsorship of an approved nonprofit organization or MCPS staff member.To continue offering an array of SSL opportunities to students, MCPS will continue to allow nonprofit organizations and schools to host virtual/remote SSL opportunities for students. To view the MCPS SSL guidelines for virtual/remote service, please visit may also continue to earn SSL hours for traditional in-person opportunities under direct supervision of a nonprofit representative or MCPS staff member in a public space.
MCPS Form 560-51:SSL Activity Verification FormUsed to verify and document SSL hours after service is completedStudent and supervisor must complete the form SSL Activity Verification Forms Click here for form ! Turn in completed forms to your school’s SSL coordinator. 
MCPS Form 560-50:Individual SSL Request FormUsed to obtain pre-approval prior to service with a nonprofit organization not listed on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website To request pre-approval for service to be completed during the summer, please complete and submit to
Student SSL Records on Student/ParentVUEStep-by-step directions for viewing a student’s full SSL record Step-by-step directions may be found at
MCPS SSL Program OverviewComplete overview of SSL requirements, guidelines, process, awards, and forms MCPS SSL Program Overview may be found at  
MCPS SSL Hub for Students Find SSL forms, translated resources, SSL guidelines, and much more! Check out SSL forms, resources, and guidelines at 


If you have any questions about the SSL program during the summer, please email the MCPS SSL office at Thank you!


Ridgeview SSL Coordinator School Year Information

For individual approval to engage in service opportunities not listed on the MCVC website, students should complete MCPS Form 560-50 and submit the form for review two weeks prior to service. For in-person service, submit forms to the bins in guidance, the main office or outside of room 221. If you have any questions, seek and ask Mrs. Meszaros, RMS SSL coordinator. 

Here is how one checks on SSL hours on Student/Parent Vue.

All SSL Activity Verification Forms (Form 560-51) should be completed, and delivered in person to the RMS SSl coordinator, Mrs. Meszaros

Here are is a flow chart that may help students better understand MCPS student Student Service Learning (SSL) program. 

English:  Flowchart in color     
Flowchart in Black & White

Programa de Aprendizaje Mediante Servicio Estudiantil (Student Service Learning-SSL) de Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

Español:  diagrama de flujo en color   
  diagrama de flujoen en blanco y negro

For SSL hours to be reflected on a student’s report card, please submit all SSL forms by the recommended due dates.

To learn more about the MCPS SSL program, please view our program overview here If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Meszaros or the MCPS SSL office at


Most Important Form

SSL Verification Form 560-51


SSL Coordinator Contact
Mrs. Meszaros