Administration & Main Office & Security
Find essential information about the Ridgeview MS principals and staff.

English & Reading
English courses build language and literacy skills so students may better understand and participate actively in today’s demanding, information-based society.

The goal of the English Language Developement (ELD) program is to help Ridgeview Emergent Multilingual Learners (EML) or students function linguistically and culturally at school and in the mainstream of American society

Fine Arts ( Music, Art, Digital Art, Photography)
Children develop their minds and intellectual capabilities by expressing their thoughts and feelings through the art form.

Our counseling program focuses on adolescents' rapidly changing needs, including academic, physical, social, and emotional.

Middle school math courses help students prepare for high school mathematics, and ultimately success in today's global economy.

Media Center 

Physical Education and Health

The focus of PE/Hhealth is to learn what to do to prevent and handle health problems as well as improve personal health.

The middle school science program allows students to investigate both the concepts and process skills of science.

Special Education

World Languages
The foreign language program educates students in different languages and cultures to make them knowledgeable and active members of a global society

World Studies (Social Studies)
The goal of social studies is to help create literate and well informed citizens who actively participate in a democratic society.