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Claudia Renehan  
Resource Teacher
Advanced English 6 & 7

Advanced English 6 
Basic Reading 
Team Leader Grade 6
Advanced English 7 & 8
Advanced English 6 & 7 
Kirsten Schultz
Advanced English 6
Developmental Reading 6, 7, 8
Advanced English 8 
Developmental Reading 7/8
Advanced English 8 
Advanced English 7
Developmental Reading 7
Digital Literacy 3 Grades 7/8
Advanced English 7
Digital Literacy 1
Developmental Reading 6

Our Commitment to our students

  The teachers of Ridgeview’s English/ Language Arts Department are committed to our students’ success in becoming literate, thoughtful communicators who are capable of controlling language effectively as they negotiate an increasingly complex and information-rich world.  As students make the transition through middle school, our goal is to improve and refine their specific skills and strategies in reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and listening through the study of language and literature.  The courses at each grade level are arranged in four thematic units that expect that students will read, analyze and study a variety of different genres related to each of the themes and complete required common tasks.  The common tasks focus primarily on the writing process, highlighting the informative, persuasive, narrative and procedural intents.  Students have many opportunities to present their work orally and through the medium of technology.  Instruction in reading and writing strategies, grammar and vocabulary is imbedded in each unit of study.  Students in our reading classes learn to personalize effective reading strategies for understanding while they read increasingly more complex and challenging novels, newspaper and magazine articles, biographical essays and textbooks.   When our students transition to high school, they will be well on the way to being college and career ready! 


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MCPS MAP-R Grade-level Reading Benchmarks 


Look Fors’ in the English/Language Arts Classroom  

  The students:  


  • work individually, in pairs, in small groups, and as a whole class. Student discourse is encouraged.  
  • engage in inquiry, discussions, and tasks that focus on understanding and applying language and literature.  
  • use reading, writing speaking, listening and viewing strategies, skills and processes to communicate.  
  • apply multiple strategies to construct meaning about text they read, hear or view.  
  • use the vocabulary of language and literature to express related ideas precisely as they speak and write.  
  • engage in in-class timed writings and writing products that require the full writing process  
  • develop and apply their understanding of grammar, language usage, and conventions in the context of literature and their own written and spoken products.  
  • develop deep understanding of varied and essential vocabulary and apply their understanding in written and spoken products.  
  • use technology as tools to communicate effectively and to manage information. 
  • monitor their own learning through journals, logs, reflection, self-assessment and portfolios.


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