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Principal 240-406-1300

Mr. Daniel E Garcia


Assistant Principal 240-406-1300

Dr. Matthew K Paushter

Principal Asst Middle

Dr. Carla M McNeal

Principal Asst Middle

Main Office 240-406-1300

Miss Krystal S Greenwood

Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Alicia P Newlands

Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Gianna R Tober

School Secretary II 10 Month

Mrs. Feri Jahanmir

Office Assistant

School Psychologist 240-406-1346

Ms. Margaret S Neff

School Psychologist

Staff Development 240-406-1332

Mrs. Monica G Kellner

Teacher Staff Development

Building Services 240-406-1311

Mrs. Sheila D Sanford

Building Service Manager III

Mr. Perry A Young

Bldng Svc Asst Mgr II Sh 2

Ms. Michelle A Amaya-mendez

Plant Equipment Operator I

Mrs. Amanda Olivares

Building Service Worker

Ms. Fei (Fei) Zhao

Building Service

Mr. Mark D Benjamin

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mrs. Betty Gorena

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Fidel Gutierrez

Building Service Worker

Counseling 240-406-1350

Mrs. Alison B Hyman

6th Grade/Resource Counselor

Ms. Helene Berman

8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Kellie J Graham

7th Grade Counselor

Food Services 240-406-1312

Mr. Michael P Mccarthy

Cafeteria Mgr III

Mrs. Mei-Chu Chen

Cafeteria Worker I 10 mo

Mrs. Lisa C Cheng

Cafeteria Worker I

Ms. Fatema Jahan

Cafeteria Worker I 10 mo

Mrs. Charisse E Williams

Cafeteria Worker I 10 mo

School Financial Specialist 240-406-1320

Mrs. Debra H Hogan

School Financial Assistant

Security 240-406-1300

Mr. Rafael S Mason

Security Assistant 10 mo

Mr. Jonathan T Greer

Security Assistant 10 mo

Art 240-406-1300

Ms. Jaclyn E Cross

Art Teacher

Computer/Technology 240-406-1300

Mr. Jason H Levine


Ms. Jennifer R Fischer

Computer Science Teacher

English 240-406-1300

Mrs. Margaret E Knudsen-Gleason

English and Reading Teacher Resource

Mrs. Susan G Sivak

8th Grade English Teacher

Ms. Jasmin A Jennifer

English Teacher/7th Grade Teacm Leader

Mrs. Shannon M Jiron

English Teacher/6th Grade Team Leader

Ms. Rebecca K Hunter Thomas

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Eunju (April) Moon

English 6 and Developmental Reading

Mrs. Jamie M Andrews

Classroom Teacher Middle

ESOL 240-406-1300

Mrs. Kirsten M Schultz

Teacher ESOL

Mrs. Carine M Pena

ESOL Teacher

IT Systems Specialist 240-406-1319

Mrs. Sharon H Vaughn

IT System Specialist

Health Room 240-406-1309

Ms. Cynthia A Thomas

Health Tech

Mathematics 240-406-1300

Mr. Christopher R Paskvan

Teacher Resource

Mrs. Katherine (Katie) Del Castillo

Math Teacher

Mrs. Brittany L Kimmel

Teacher, Math

Mrs. Amy C McDonald

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mathematics 240-406-1300

Mr. Douglas W Parker

Math Teacher

Media Center 240-406-1318

Mrs. Elisabeth A Portocarrero Pitt

Media Specialist

Mrs. Rita M Green

Media Assistant

Music 240-406-1324

Mr. Nicholas J Proszkow

Music Teacher/8th Grade Team Leader

Ms. Katelyn M Chiles

Chorus Teacher

Physical Education 240-406-1330

Mrs. Jody D Tyler

Teacher Resource

Ms. Elizabeth (Ashley) A Cornell

Health Teacher

Mr. Edward A Hernandez

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Keith J Obendorfer

P.E. Teacher

Mr. Jason B Oliver

P.E. Teacher

Mr. Jason J Szymkowiak

PE/ALT Teacher

Pupil Personnel Worker 240-406-1336

Mr. David (Dave) E Earley

Pupil Personnel Worker

Reading 240-406-1300

Ms. Monika E Barman

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Alison D Wade

Classroom Teacher Middle

Science 240-406-1300

Ms. Anne M Merrell

Science Resource Teacher

Ms. Deborah (Debbie) M Hines

Science Teacher

Mrs. Emiko (Emi) K Markey

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Beth A Parker

Science Teacher

Mrs. Andrea L Tao

Science Teacher

Mrs. Barbara A Vaughn

Science Teacher

Social Studies 240-406-1300

Mrs. Audrey C Fincher

Teacher Resource World Languages and Social Studies

Ms. Alba Abrego

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Jodi A Braz

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Mr. David J Dimarco

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Bryan N Mack

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Yvonneke M Weitzel

Social Studies Teacher

Special Education 240-406-1325

Ms. Nikki V Harrison

Teacher, Spec Ed Resource

Mrs. Susan Barton


Mrs. Anna M Clark

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. April L Curtis

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Dr. Karen P Friedman

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mr. Kyle Grossett

Teacher, Special Education

Ms. Sarah Lobien

Special Education Teacher/Asperger’s Program

Ms. Nafiseh Z Lundquist

Teacher, Sp Ed Resource Rm

Mr. Lynn L Naing

Teacher, Special Education

Ms. Mallory A Potter

Teacher, Special Education

Mrs. Miranda J Taylor

Special Ed. Teacher

Mrs. Gianna R Tober


Mrs. Barbara A Wagner-James

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Speech 240-406-1300

Ms. Sara E Edelberg

Speech Pathologist

World Languages 240-406-1300

Mrs. Sara J Ezeonu

Teacher Resource

Mrs. Maria G Armas-Huerta

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Megan R Meszaros

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Jonathan Watkins

French Teacher

Special Education Support Staff

Mr. Eric Kuhn


Miss Tina Giustiniani

Resource Teacher

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