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Policies and General Information



Morning passes are required before school.  These passes can be obtained by going to the gym (7 & 8th grade) or in the cafeteria (6th grade) upon arrival.   The Media Center is a NO cell phone zone.  Students are permitted to come in the morning to return and/or check out books, log onto desktop computers to check grades or complete, or print out school work.   They are also permitted to chat quietly with friends, enter our monthly Media Center contests, and of course read!

There are also lunch passes made available to students in all grades as long as there are not classes or other activities occurring in the Media Center during lunch times.   Students may do the same activities as in the morning during lunch time.  They are also permitted to play appropriate games online for a break before the rest of the school day continues.  

A standard MCPS pass/or student agenda book is required during the school day from a staff member for students who come to the Media Center during instructional times, per teacher's permission. (8:15 am-3:00 p.m.).

If you need to do work during lunch, you can come pick-up a lunch pass before lunches from the media center staff.  Students must eat lunch in the cafeteria prior to coming to the media center.  The media center is a food & drink-free environment.

Procedures

Students coming to the media center, during the day, without a teacher must show a media staff member their pass and sign in. The electronic sign-in computer is on the counter near the circulation computer. 


Students may check out up to four books or other materials. Media center materials are borrowed for two weeks and can be renewed. 


Current magazines are to view in the media center only.  Past magazines can be checked out for one week. 

Check out procedures

All media center materials must be checked out at the circulation desk. A media center staff member will assist in checking out materials.

Overdue notices

Students will receive overdue notices in 1st period class. Students should promptly return any overdue materials to the media center book drop.


Students will receive overdue notices in 1st period class. Students should promptly return any overdue materials to the media center book drop.


Students should see a media staff member if a copy from a book or magazine is needed.


All school  rules apply in the media center. Respect for the needs and rights of others is the first rule. Students should be courteous to the media staff and work quietly when in the media center. Students must abide by the computer rules when using the desktops for research, or to view their MyMCPS, or Google Classrooms. We follow the Ridgeview Expectations: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn.


Students are responsible for materials that they use and check out. Students are required to pay for any lost or damaged materials. Students will be temporarily denied borrowing privileges if they have overdue materials or have not paid for lost or damaged books.  Obligations to other MCPS schools will need to be resolved by the student.

Food and Drink

No food, gum or drinks are permitted in the media center.  The media center is a allergy free zone.  Absolutely no food is permitted.


We love slightly used books! We accept new and gently used books appropriate for middle school.    

Books may be donated to classrooms if we cannot use them in the media center.



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