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At Pyle We Value

  • We welcome and accept challenges.
  • We ask for help when we need it.
  • We strive to meet or exceed our academic goals. 
  • We use critical thinking to solve problems and find solutions.
  • We believe knowledge is essential.
  • We care about one another.
  • We want every member of our community to thrive.
  • We have compassion.
  • We achieve more together.
  • We leave no one behind.
  • We seek ways to add to the experiences of others.  We do not subtract from them.
  • We learn from unique & diverse people and perspectives.
  • We commit to having the courage to be ourselves, and we allow others to do the same.
  • We do everything with integrity.
  • We admit when we’re wrong.
  • We learn because we want to learn and not because we have to.
  • We keep going, even when we fail.
  • We try to fix what we break.
  • We learn from our mistakes, so we can avoid making them again.
  • We mean it when we’re sorry.
  • We commit to growing into our best selves.
  • We commit to do no harm to ourselves or others.
  • We commit to the health and vitality of this community.



Pyle Quickfacts

  • One of the largest middle schools in Montgomery County
  • Our students continue to be among the highest achievers in the state on all standardized tests
  • Sixth graders scored well over the national percentile rank for the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills and have met local standards
  • Mobility rate: 5.7
  • 11% of population are International Students
  • Over 60% of our students are enrolled in enriched or accelerated subjects
  • 94% of our parents are involved in the PTSA 
  • Our students produce a school news program on our own TV station.
  • Average SAT score at Walt Whitman (our cluster high school) is 1248 with 87% of students taking the SAT
  • Attendance rate is 96%; rating excellent in the state standard

Thomas W. Pyle Middle School at a Glance (PDF)
Enrollment, staffing, facility and budget information from the Department of Reporting and Regulatory Accountability.

Thomas W. Pyle Middle School Environment Survey
This web site contains the most recent results from Surveys of School Environment completed by parents.

Master Plan/CIP Data for Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
Boundary map and capital plan details from the Department of Planning and Capital Programming.


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School History

Find out who Thomas W. Pyle was and learn more about the history of the school.

Did you know Pyle has a school song? View the music for it (PDF). Note that the lyrics reference Pyle's original school colors - orange and white - not the stylish black and red we have today.

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Safety & Security

MCPS Emergency Information - Emergency preparedness, school closings, etc.

School's Out - Emergency Closings-Email Notification- Sign up for email notification of school closings by subscribing to QuickNotes.

Parent Reunification form (PDF) - the form used by the school to reunite students with a parent or an appropriate caregiver during an emergency.

Pyle Safety and Security Presentation - Spring 2018 

Cyber Safety - Resources to assist parents and students on Cyber Ethics issues pertaining to Middle Schoolers


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