Main Office

Telephone: 240-740-6950

Staff Members

Name Position Email
Mrs. Julie Rivera
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Jennyfer Cordova Secretary
Ms. Laura Mangano Secretary
Mr. Joczon Valladares Secretary
Mr. Mauricio Angel Beltran Dual Enrollment Program Assistant

Hours of Operation

The main office is open from 7:20 AM - 3:50 PM, Monday through Friday, except during holidays or closings. To view days that schools are closed, visit the MCPS Calendar


Any visitor to a Montgomery County Public Schools school site during the designated student day is required to sign in and secure consent upon arrival and prior to initiating any school-related business, and to sign out at the conclusion of any designated school-related business.

Classroom Visits and Conferences by Parents/Guardians of Current Students:

  • To arrange a classroom visit or conference call 301-649-8088. The main office can put you in contact with the appropriate teacher if you wish to schedule a conference.
  • Such visits are at the discretion of the principal.
  • Classroom visits and/or conferences by parents/guardians must be arranged in advance.
  • Classroom visits and conferences must be conducted in such a manner that the visits and/or conferences do not interfere with the classroom activities of any student in the class.

School Visits by Parents/Guardians of Prospective Students:

  • All schools welcome the opportunity to share the strengths of their educational programs with parents/guardians of prospective students.
  • Each school has a process for school visits by parents/guardians of prospective students, which includes an opportunity at least once a month for parents/guardians of prospective students to visit the school and observe the educational program. To inquire about a visit call 301-649-8088.

Observations by Individuals or Groups

  • An individual or group interested in observing a specific program must contact the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools to obtain approval.
  • The Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools may arrange for the observation or request that the individual make arrangements with the principal to observe the program.


A short-term substitute is anyone who works fewer than eleven consecutive workdays in the same assignment on a day-to-day basis. A long-term substitute is a substitute teacher who works a minimum of eleven consecutive workdays in the same assignment for a regular classroom teacher who is on leave, or a substitute teacher who fills a vacancy for a minimum of eleven consecutive workdays in the same assignment. To be considered for substitute teaching, each applicant must:

  • Be eligible to be employed in the United States,
  • Present proof of the completion of the minimum of a bachelor's degree or a teacher education program that included student teaching from an accredited institution by submitting official transcript(s). (Persons applying to substitute in vocational programs may be considered without a bachelor's degree but must have at least two years of college and/or experience in the related area.)
  • In emergency situations or in shortage areas, individuals who have successfully completed student teaching but have not yet received a bachelor’s degree may be cleared by the director of the Department of Staffing and their names placed on the approved substitute list. Consideration is given to applicants who have not student taught but have previous full time or substitute teaching experience.
  • Submit resume, two employment references, transcript(s) and required forms; be fingerprinted by MCPS and complete all required paperwork.

When substitutes report for work at Northwood, they should sign-in at the main office where they will receive a badge and the day's teaching schedule and further instructions.

Download the Substitute Teacher Handbook for MCPS.

Substitute Calling System

The substitute calling system allows substitute teachers to obtain job assignments and review past and future assignments. The system is accessible to all administrators, teachers, and substitute teachers. If you have additional questions call 301-279-3280.

Faxing Documents

The fax number for Northwood is 301-649-8285. When you fax a document, please make sure to specify which staff member/department should receive the information.