Staff Directory

PRINCIPAL - 240-740-6950

Name Position Email
Dr. Jonathan Garrick Principal
Mrs. Julie Rivera Administrative Assistant


Name Position Email
Mr. Wayland D. Allrich Assistant Principal
Ms. Larissa Amador-Martinez Assistant Principal
Dr. Joseph Bostic, Jr.  Assistant Principal
Mrs. Danika Wiggins  Assistant Principal

DEAN OF STUDENTS - 240-740-6946

Name Position Email
Mr. Hasani Isreal Dean of Students
Mr. Evan O'neill Paraeducator Evan_O'
Ms. Brandy Reazer Dean of Students

MAIN OFFICE - 240-740-6950

Name Position Email
Ms. Jennyfer Cordova Secretary
Ms. Laura Mangano Secretary
Mr. Joczon Valladares Secretary
Mr. Mauricio Angel Beltran Dual Enrollment Program Assistant


Name Position Email
Ms. Elizabeth Potts Attendance Secretary

BUSINESS OFFICE - 240-740-6941

Name Position Email
Ms. Suzy Duong Business Administrator
Mrs. Timasha Barnes Adams School Financial Specialist

SCHOOL COUNSELING - 240-740-6960

Name Position Email
Dr. Maureen Ponce Resource Counselor
Mr. Cristian Pereira Salmeron Counseling Secretary
Mrs. Anabela Almeida Parent Community Coordinator
Ms. Megan Adkins Counselor
Ms. Christine Cappuccilli Counselor  
Ms. Judith Kahn Registrar
Ms. Elizabeth Lightfoot Counselor
Mr. Anthony Lozupone Counselor
Dr. Trellis N. Jones Psychologist
Ms. Lyndsay Madden Pupil Personnel Worker
Mrs. Ayana Manzanares Social Worker
Ms. Michelle Snape College and Career Coordinator
Ms. Virginia E. Stouffer Counselor
Ms. Elsie V. Velazquez ESOL Counselor
Ms. Danielle Viswanathan      Counselor
Mrs. Carolyn West-Gipson Counselor

SECURITY - 240-740-6948

Name Position Email
Mr. Edgar Perez Security Team Leader
Ms. Timethia D. Furr Security Assistant
Mr. Justin Merritt Security Assistant
Mr. Jamie Newton Security Assistant
Mr. Mazin Shaikh Security Assistant
Ms. Ruby Shelton Security Assistant
Mr. Alexander Smoot Security Assistant

ATHLETICS - 240-740-6981

Name Position Email
Ms. Courtney Friese Instructional Specialist-Athletic Trainer
Mr. Marco Fuggitti Athletics Director


Name Position Email
Mr. Vincent Sumbry IT Systems Specialist
Ms. Morenike Rossman Media Services Technician

BUILDING SERVICES - 240-740-6953

Name Position Email
Mr. Wilber Castro Building Services Manager
Mr. Carlton Perry Building Services Assistant Manager
Ms. Patricia Colindres Building Services Worker
Ms. D.K. Del Cid de Gutierrez Building Services Worker
Sandra Ferrel Gonzales Building Services Worker
Mr. A.R. Habib Building Services Worker
Mr. Lurick Jean Preventative Maintenance Specialist
Ms. Cecilia Orellana Building Services Worker
Mr. Banes Jean Philemon Building Services Worker
Mr. Thomas Seong Building Services Worker
Ms. Vicenta Ura Building Services Worker
Mr. Thanh Van Nguyen Building Services Worker

CAFETERIA - 240-740-6954

Name Position Email
Mr. Thomas E. Chen Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Yue Chen Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Liqiong Choi Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Ginfeng Day Cafeteria Worker
Ms. Sandra Ray Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Xiang Ming Tan Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Zhi Qin Xi Cafeteria Worker
Ms. Kalliopi Vrentzos Cafeteria Worker

ACADEMIES - 240-740-6971

Name Position Email
Ms. Holly Jones Academy Coordinator
Mrs. Jamie Bisset Politics, Advocacy and Law Academy Head
Mr. Brett Harwood Music, Theatre and Dance Academy Head
Mrs. Nadine Hecht      Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Education Academy Head
Ms. Jasmine Simpson Humanities, Art, and Media Academy Head
Mr. Max Wright Technological, Environmental, and Systems Sciences Academy Head


Name Position Email
Mr. Michael Sauter AP Specialist


Name Position Email
Dr. Eden Reff-Presco Teacher
Ms. Josephine Froelich Teacher
Ms Kathleen Munoz Ventura Teacher
Ms. Michelle Silberberg Teacher


Name Position Email
Mr. Michael Davison Career Preparation Teacher
Mrs. Nadine Hecht Internship Coordinator, Career Prep
Ms. Maureen McEneaney Child Development Teacher


Name Position Email
Mrs. Corinne Haas Dance Teacher
Mr. Brett Harwood Theatre Teacher
Dr. Brian Semos Piano/Guitar Teacher
Ms. Joelle Solar Dance Teacher
Mr. Ryan Sullivan Choral Music Director

ENGLISH - 240-740-4637

Name Position Email
Ms. Jasmine Johnson Resource Teacher
Mr. Ryan Acosta-Fox Teacher
Mr. Corey Ahearn Teacher
Mrs. Laura Albert Teacher
Mr. Peter Bermudez Teacher
Mr. Joshua Bangera Young Teacher
Ms. Antoinette Davis Teacher
Ms. Carolyn Dixon Composition Assistant
Mr. Christopher Hawkins Teacher
Mr. Edward Hutchison Teacher
Ms. Anastasia Kane Teacher
Ms. Domonique Middlebrook Teacher
Ms. Terri Newsome Teacher
Ms. Joyanna Priest Composition Assistant
Mrs. Winsome Richards Teacher
Ms. Jasmine Simpson Teacher
Ms. Chelsea Van Tassell Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Winters Teacher

EML - 240-740-4639

Name Position Email
Ms. Kristin Ruopp Resource Teacher
Ms. Alice-Ann Beachy Teacher
Mr. James Bong Teacher
Mr. Jose Curbelo-Arocho Teacher
Mr. Edward Furlow Teacher
Ms. Jenny Gutierrez Teacher
Ms. Alicia Hudson Teacher
Mr. Claudio Illanes Teacher
Ms. Annabella Letona Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Lydick Teacher
Ms. Kimi McGrath Teacher
Ms. Honey Morales Teacher
Ms. Heather Slattery Teacher
Ms. Kira Swann Teacher
Ms. Elsy Suazo Villatoro Paraeducator

MATHEMATICS - 240-740-6978

Name Position Email
Mr. David Lindsey Resource Teacher
Ms. Linda Ani Teacher
Mrs. Leor Baldinger Teacher
Ms. Christina Bircsak Teacher
Ms. Julie Brenner Teacher
Mr. Philip Chenier Teacher
Mr. Allyn Crews Teacher
Ms. Lisa DeMoya Teacher
Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick Teacher
Mr. Eugenio Godoy Teacher
Ms. Kelly Homer Teacher
Ms. Senghay Keo Teacher
Ms. Lisette Kernizan Teacher
Ms. Jody Mozersky Teacher
Ms. Schavion Smith Teacher
Mr. Clark Stacy Teacher

MEDIA CENTER - 240-740-6976

Name Position Email
Ms. Roseann Saah Media Specialist
Ms. Sharon Hairston Media Assistant


Name Position Email
Mr. Jack Bentley Resource Teacher
Mr. Edward Allen Teacher
Mr. Shane Clemmer Health Teacher
Ms. Melissa Gonzalez Teacher
Ms. Cheryl Hicks Teacher
Mr. Matthew Holonich Teacher
Mr. Rodney Jean Health Teacher


Name Position Email
Mrs. Kristen Da Cruz Resource Teacher
Ms. Samar Burney Teacher
Ms. Courtney Conklin Teacher
Mr. Zebedee Ducre Teacher
Mr. Max Firke Teacher
Ms. Aura Gonzalez-Serrano Teacher
Ms. Kelly Graninger Teacher
Mr. Mana Hiwe Teacher
Mr. Steven Karig Teacher
Mr. Christopher Lynn Teacher
Mr. Erol Miller Teacher
Ms. Heather Minneman Teacher
Ms. Caroline Monroe Teacher
Mr. Felipe Mrad Teacher
Ms. Avanti Reaves Teacher
Ms. Annika Ricci Teacher
Mr. Brian Stagg Teacher
Ms. Lagail Taylor Tech Ed Teacher
Mr. Max Wright Teacher
Ms. Sofia Zarate Teacher

SOCIAL STUDIES - 240-740-4638

Name Position Email
Ms. Jill Clark Resource Teacher
Mr. Nicolas Bigot Teacher
Mrs. Monica Bond-Lamberty Teacher
Mr. Adam Boorstein Teacher
Mr. Paul Bove Teacher
Mr. Jose Curbelo-Arocho Teacher
Ms. Sarah Frymire Teacher
Ms. Cariann Hayden Teacher
Mrs. Margaret Jessell Teacher
Mr. Calvin Lotz      Teacher
Ms. Kelly O'Neill Teacher Kelly_J_O'
Mr. Andrew Peim Teacher
Mr. Daniel Stein Teacher
Mr. Christopher Wachter Teacher
Ms. Anastasia Zahner Teacher


Name Position Email
Mr. Anthony Dickens Resource Teacher
Ms. Michelle Levit Social Worker
Mr. Michael Dunn Teacher
Mr. Jason Gray Paraeducator
Mr. Eric Hamilton Paraeducator
Mr. Jesse Hull Teacher
Mr. Tracy Roberts Teacher
Mr. Philip Sheridan Paraeducator


Name Position Email
Ms. Ann Varghese-Goodwyn Resource Teacher
Ms. Kelly Briscoe Paraeducator
Mr. TJ Brockway Paraeducator
Mr. Obadele Brown Teacher
Mrs. Joanne Bryson Paraeducator
Mr. Matthew Bryson Paraeducator
Ms. Dana Dennis Teacher
Ms. Demetria Gordon Teacher
Mr. Joseph Hall Paraeducator
Mr. Jalen Hickmon Paraeducator
Mr. Paul Kio Teacher
Ms. Kristen Loughney Teacher
Ms. Paulette Medley Paraeducator
Mr. Stephen Mogge Teacher
Ms. Sara Money Paraeducator
Ms. Maria Murcia Paraeducator
Ms. Danielle Socher Paraeducator
Ms. Emily Sotzing Speech Pathologist
Mr. Sean Stec Paraeducator
Mrs. Lynne Stevens Speech Pathologist
Ms. Deneen Turner Teacher
Ms. Mary Vall Teacher
Ms. Robyn Watts Teacher
Ms. Anna Wolfe Paraeducator

STAFF DEVELOPMENT - 240-740-6940

Name Position Email
Mr. Ryan Casavant Staff Development Teacher

WORLD LANGUAGES - 240-740-4640

Name Position Email
Ms. Jennifer O'Neil Resource Teacher
Mrs. Tsion Andualem Teacher
Ms. Ingrid Bell Teacher
Ms. Jihan Davis Teacher
Ms. Claudia Gargiulo Teacher
Elizabeth Meh-haaland Teacher
Mr. Pedro PowerMelgar Teacher
Ms. Loren Salkin-Monzon Teacher