Who Are Volunteers?

Volunteers are people who are willing to donate their time and energies to assist principals, teachers, and other school personnel in implementing various phases of school programs. Volunteers may be recruited from many different populations including parents, business people, community members, retired senior citizens, high school, Montgomery College, and college and university students.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Sign in and out when reporting to or leaving the school
  • Notify the school coordinator or the teacher when an illness or other circumstances prevents the volunteer from reporting to the school
  • Respect confidentiality of school matters
  • Carry out only those duties assigned that have been approved by the principal
  • Comply with systemwide and school policies, regulations and rules
  • Attend professional meetings or programs as appropriate

Recording Volunteer Hours

Northwood High School and the PTSA request that all parents and community members record the time they spend volunteering. Volunteer hours must be submitted on a monthly basis to the main office. The Volunteer Coordinator prepares reports on MCPS school volunteers as required by the MCPS Board of Education, the Division of Insurance and Retirement, and the Maryland State Department of Education  

Volunteer hours should be recorded on MCPS form 311-56.

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