Business Office

Telephone: 240-740-6944

Business Administrator

Under the direction of the principal, the business administrator provides overall leadership related to the financial management of Northwood, facility management, and management of other aspects of Northwood not directly related to the instructional program.

The business administrator -

  • is responsible for the school’s budget and financial functions in accordance with Board policy and regulations;
  • oversees the use of the facility;
  • provides guidance to food service school personnel, transportation, purchasing and procurement programs;
  • collaborates with the school leadership team to effectively manage human resources; and 
  • ensures the school derives maximum benefit from its budget.

The business administrator also is responsible for providing comprehensive and accurate financial information to school leadership and the Board in a timely manner to enable Northwood to plan and take appropriate management action.

School Financial Specialist 

 Telephone: 240-740-6941

There are a number of circumstances where a student can incur debt or obligation.

  1. Students who do not comply with the regulations regarding use of school-furnished textbooks and who do not make restitution for misuse may be penalized by withholding replacement books or materials. However, students must be provided access to school-furnished books and materials required for course completion.
  2. There are some expenses students will incur during their school years, which are related to school activities. Expenses may include voluntary purchases, such as shoes for participation in interscholastic athletics, school newspapers, yearbooks, and class rings, etc.
  3. Maryland State law permits school systems to require restitution for damage, destruction, or substantial decrease in value of school property or property of another that is on school property as a result of a student’s violation of a state or local law or regulation.

Students are required to reimburse the school system in any case where they are responsible for the loss of or damage to public school property (building and grounds, books and materials, locks, etc.) up to $2,500 unless referred to the Department of Juvenile Services.

  • In cases of financial hardship, a student may be given the opportunity to make restitution to the school by some alternate appropriate means.
  • The principal, in collaboration with the student and parent, is responsible for determining the appropriate action to be taken.
  • Resident students may not be denied re-enrollment on the basis of unsatisfied obligations to the school.
  • Nonresident students may be denied re-enrollment on the basis of unsatisfied obligations to the school.
  • If the principal believes there is a need for legal action to be taken, he/she shall consult with the appropriate community superintendent or associate superintendent for Student and Community Services.
  • The collection and deposit of fees appropriate under this regulation shall be made according to approved MCPS procedures.
MCPS is committed to providing all students, regardless of the economic circumstances, with full access to all courses, the instructional materials required for those courses, and the instructional program.

A student, his/her parent or guardian, or any student advocate, including teachers and guidance counselors, may request an adjustment to or waiver from the course fee. However, any adjustment must be made in a timely fashion. Fee waivers will not be granted for prior years' fees.

For questions regarding student obligations, please contact Mrs. Timasha Adams, School Financial Specialist.