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Principal 240-204-5280

Ms. Renee (Renee) D Wallace-Stevens

Principal Elementary

Staff Development 240-204-5280

Dr. Kelli M Phillips

Teacher, Staff Development

Main Office 240-204-5280

Ms. Christina H Haynes

Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Colleen K Simpson

School Secretary I 10 Month

Counselor 240-204-5280

Ms. Victoria (Vicki) A Leahy Jones

Counselor Elementary

Building Service 240-204-5280

Ms. Olga Burgraff

Building Services Assistant Manager/Night Leader

Ms. Evelyn S Guevara

Building Service Worker

Mr. Jose Melgar

Bldng Service Wrkr Shft 1

Cafeteria 240-204-5280

Mrs. Maria A Alfaro

Food Svc Satellite Mgr I

Reading 240-204-5280

Art 240-204-5280

Music 240-204-5280

Media 240-204-5280

Mrs. Melissa J Liu

Media Assistant 10 month

Mrs. Sharon A Mosley-Ramsey

Media Specialist

Special Education 240-204-5280

Mrs. Isabelle (Isabelle) B Koenig

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Special Education 240-204-5280

Mrs. Renee C Thompson-Neymour

Teacher, Special Education

Mrs. Etty S Wannon

Teacher, Sp Ed Resource Rm

3rd Grade 240-204-5280

Mr. Mark L Karver

Classroom Teacher Elementary

Ms. Monique (Monique) F DeFrees

Classroom Teacher Elementary

Ms. Jacqueline A Moore

Classroom Teacher Elementary

Mrs. Kari Niel

Classroom Teacher Elementary

4th Grade 240-204-5280

Ms. Olivia (Olivia) Wong

Classroom Teacher Elementary

5th Grade 240-204-5280

Ms. Portia (Portia) Y Queen

Classroom Teacher Elementary

Mrs. Jannette (Kouwenberg) K Breeding

Classroom Teacher Elementary

Mr. Marty (Marty) G Chappell

Classroom Teacher Elementary

ESOL 240-204-5280

Physical Education 240-204-5280

Staff 240-204-5280

Special Education Support Staff

Dr. Melissa Brunson


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