About Our School


 NCC is recognized throughout the community as an outstanding educational institution where students receive a challenging education in a nurturing environment.

North Chevy Chase Elementary School (NCC) is located in the southern part of Montgomery County, Maryland, in the town of North Chevy Chase. The school is located on Jones Bridge Road, just off of Connecticut Avenue. NCC currently houses students from grade three to grade five. North Chevy Chase Elementary was one of the last elementary schools in MCPS to include grade six. However, sixth graders now attend Silver Creek Middle School beginning in the Fall of 2017. 

Our Mission


Our Vision


The North Chevy Chase family (students, staff, and parents), is committed to building the success in our children, both academically and as future citizens.  The encouragement to achieve and the expectation of success are underpinned by a supportive environment, which offers every student the opportunity to flourish as an individual.  Our commitment to address the needs of different learning styles includes an adaptive curriculum where teachers, with the support of the administration, encourage success by using their creativity and continuously acquired learning to maximize each child’s potential.

We envision a nurturing, positive, and safe school community where we all take ownership of our roles and responsibilities to achieve academic and personal excellence for all.

Our History


NCC opened its doors to students in 1953. Originally a kindergarten through sixth grade school, the school closed in the early 1970's. It reopened in 1972 after the formation of the Rosemary Hills "mini-magnet" to serve students in grades three through six. Our school was renovated in 1994. The last year of sixth grade students was 2017.