Special thanks to NCC parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hage for all of their work in keeping this NCC tradition going!!!!! 

The Geo Bee packet is linked below. 

 NCC Geo Bee 2019 Asia Oceania Antarctica

Students may print a few pages at a time to complete.

• After a few weeks of study in class and in Media, students will take a short Geo Bee quiz based on facts from the packet.

• The top five scorers in each homeroom will become that homeroom’s Geography Bee team.

• Teams are invited to a friendly competition on Geography Bee Day.

• Each grade will participate in a separate Bee.

• Geo Bee study buddy sessions are held during lunch/recess and will be announced each morning on morning announcements.

• This activity is optional.

Updates can be found on the school website.

Geo Bee Kick Off- Week of Oct. 14

Geo Bee packet released online- Oct. 15  

Study Buddy sessions starting Oct. 28 during lunch/recess 

Geo Bee Quiz in homeroom - week of Nov. 11  

Geo Bee teams announced by Nov. 15

Geo Bee Day- Nov. 26, 2019 in the morning 

Questions, Contact Mrs. Mosley-Ramsey  


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