Here is some important information about the MCPS Student Service Learning Program – SSL for short!

In the state of Maryland students must earn 75 hours of student service learning by volunteering and providing meaningful service to the community as a requirement for High School graduation. Service learning promotes civic knowledge, civic engagement, academic success, and character and social development in students. Over their time in MCPS, students may earn 45 of these hours by participating in their classroom learning experiences embedded in the curriculum. Students will then have to search and complete the remaining SSL hours outside of the classroom. They may begin completing these hours in the summer prior to sixth grade.

Please view the following resource/presentation for an MCPS SSL program overview, including the most updated information and resources: MCPS SSL Program Overview

Following completion of SSL opportunities, MCPS SSL Verification Form 560-51 must be completed and submitted to the counseling or main office. Please make sure all fields of the form are completed. Once approved, hours will be reflected on a student’s report card as well as in Student/ParentVue by the end of the quarter in which the hours are received. 

Please also note that if an organization or SSL opportunity is not obtained through MCPS or listed on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center site, students should submit an Individual SSL Request Form (560-50) to the counseling or main office to verify approval of the opportunity prior to beginning the SSL experience.

This SSL Hub houses many of the SSL Resources (forms, guidelines, opportunities, etc.) all in one location!

Additional SSL information can be found on the MCPS SSL site.

Any questions may be directed to Ms. Frangou at

Thank you!