A. Application requirements 

1.       Complete the most updated form of the Parent Request for Student Use of Private Vehicle (linked below).  The application must be signed by both you and your parent/guardian. 

2.       Complete the Parking Permit Acknowledgement Form.  The form must be signed by both you and your parent/guardian.

3.       Attach a copy of the current insurance card of the vehicle that you will be driving to school. Insurance cards are required for all vehicles that will be driven. 

4.       Attach a copy of your driver's license. 

B. Submit all above forms/documents.  All forms and documents may be submitted electronically to the Financial Specialist (Ms. Helen Hallas) at; or dropped off at the Finance Office before, after school or during lunch or at the Main Office from 7:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.  

C. All financial obligations have to be cleared before obtaining your permit. 

D. Once the application is approved by the Business Administrator, the Financial Specialist will notify you via email to proceed with the payment. The payment should be made online, using the School Cash Online account. Payment will not be available before approval.  

E. Bring a copy of your receipt to the Finance Office in order to receive your permit. Then attach the permit to your rear-view mirror.    

Parking Permit Application –

Parking Permit Acknowledgment Form -