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Wall Of Honor


Most Valuable Player                            Most Improved Player

1996: Vandi Ball                             Paula Keogan

1997: Vandi Ball                               Courtney Pupa

1998: Lori Glatt                                     Lindsey Haviland

1999: Lindsey Haviland                       Dehkonti Paelay

2000: Dehkonti Paelay                     Sarah Schaerr

2001: Brooke Phillips                     Nicole Lubao

2002: Jessica Hanson                       Taylor Herrgott

2003: Caitlin George                         Gaby Rodriguez

2004: Sherri Liang                           Kimery Musser

2005: Taylor Herrgott                      Stefani Schaper

2006: Cindy Goon                     Cori Smoot

2007: Stefani Schaper                      Breanna Nunez

2008: Alison Musser                   Lisa Poole

2009:  Michelle Fowle                   Katie Kohler

2010:  Molly Hirrlinger                       Katie Chisarick

2011:  Jen Gruber                           Katie Lansing

2012:  Jen Gruber                           Xena Metzger

2013:  Lizzi Walsh                         Becky Smith

2014:  Becky Smith                      Kristen Martindell

2015:  Sasha Laurenzo                     Lucy Webster

2016:  Alena Villanueva                    Kira Ng

2017:  Kaliyah Moss                  Lindsay Nyunja

2018:  Kaliyah Moss                        Damaris Rodriguez



RACHEL DOUGHERTY (Class of 2004, inducted 2010)

SHERRI LIANG (Class of 2005, inducted 2011)

CAITLIN GOERGE (Class of 2004, inducted 2018)



2009:  XIAOYI LI (week of 9/28/09)

2010:  MOLLY HIRRLINGER (week of 9/13/10)

2011:  KATIE LANSING (week of 10/10/11 and 10/28/11)

2012:  Katie Lansing (week of 10/9/12)



Michelle Fowle (2010)

Lizzi Walsh (2014)


All-Met (Washington Post)

Louisa Lorimer (1995)-Honorable Mention

Dehkonti Paelay (2000)-Honorable Mention

Caitlin George (2003)-Honorable Mention

Rachel Dougherty (2003)-2nd team

Sherri Liang (2004)-Honorable Mention

Taylor Herrgott (2005)-2nd team

Kimery Musser (2005 and 2006)-Honorable Mention

Cindy Goon (2006)-Honorable Mention

Alex Coleman (2007)-2nd team

Stefani Schaper (2007)-Honorable Mention

Andrea Fort (2008) Honorable Mention

Michelle Fowle (2009)-1st Team

Xiaoyi Li (2009)-Honorable Mention

Molly Hirrlinger (2010)-Honorable Mention

Emma Geisser (2011)-Honorable Mention

Jen Gruber (2012)-2nd team

Lizzi Walsh (2012 and 2013)-Honorable Mention

Becky Smith (2014)-Honorable Mention

Sasha Laurenzo (2015)-Honorable Mention

Alena Villanueva (2016)-Honorable Mention

Kaliyah Moss (2017-Honorable Mention and 2018 2nd Team)

Maya Scott (2017)-Honorable Mention


County Player of the Year

Rachel Dougherty (2003)-Gazette

Rachel Dougherty (2003)-Journal

Michelle Fowle (2009)-Gazette


All County-Gazette Newspapers (1996-2014)

Vandi Ball (1996 and 1997)-Honorable Mention

Lori Glatt (1998)-1st team

Lindsay Haviland (1999)-Honorable Mention

Courtney Pupa (1999 and 2000)-Honorable Mention

Dehkonti Paelay (2000)-1st team

Brooke Phillips (2000)-Honorable Mention

Brooke Phillips (2001)-1st team

Jessica Hanson (2001 and 2002)-Honorable Mention

Rachel Dougherty (2002 and 2003)-1st team

Caitlin George (2002)-Honorable Mention

Caitlin George (2003)-1st team

Sherri Liang (2003)-Honorable Mention

Sherri Liang (2004)-1st team

Taylor Herrgott (2004 and 2005)-1st team

Kimery Musser (2005, 2006)-1st team

Cindy Goon (2006)-1st team

Kelly George (2006)-Honorable Mention

Alex Coleman (2007)-1st team

Stefani Shaper (2007)-Honorable Mention

Corri Smoot (2008)-1st team

Andrea Fort (2008)-1st team

Alison Musser (2008)-Honorable Mention

Michelle Fowle (2009)-1st Team

Xiaoyi Li (2009 and 2010)-1st Team

Molly Hirrlinger (2010)-2nd team

Emma Geisser (2011)-Honorable Mention

Jen Gruber (2011)-Honorable Mention

Lizzi Walsh (2011)-Honorable Mention

Jen Gruber (2012)-1st team

Lizzi Walsh (2012)-Honorable Mention

Lizzi Walsh (2013)-1st team (*3rd time making an all-county team)

Becky Smith (2014)-Honorable Mention


All County-Washington Post (2007-2010)

Alex Coleman (2007)-1st Team

Andrea Fort (2008)-1st Team

Corri Smoot (2008)-1st Team

Michelle Fowle (2009)-1st Team

Brittany Skrutski (2009)-1st Team

Molly Hirrlinger and Xiaoyi Li (2010)-1st team


All County-Journal (1995-2003)

Vandi Ball (1996)-Honorable Mention

Vandi Ball (1997)-2nd team

Lori Glatt (1997 and 1998)-2nd team

Linday Haviland(1999)-Honorable Mention

Dehkonti Paelay (2000)-1st team

Brooke Phillips (2000 and 2001)-2nd team

Jessica Hanson (2001 and 2002)-2nd team

Rachel Dougherty (2002 and 2003)-1st team

Caitlin George (2002 and 2003)-2nd team

Sherri Liang (2003)-2nd team


All-County-MCPS Coaches (2015-present)

Sasha Laurenzo (2015)-1st team

Alena Villanueva (2015)-Honorable Mention and (2016)-2nd team

Kaliyah Moss (2016)-2nd team

Kaliyah Moss (2017)-1st team

Maya Scott (2017)-Honorable Mention

Noelle Waring (2017)-Honorable Mention

Kaliyah Moss (2018)-1st team

Maya Scott (2018)-1st team

Kira Ng (2018)-Honorable Mention


First Team All-Region-Washington Examiner (2003-2006)

Sherri Liang (2004)-1st team

Taylor Herrgott (2005)-1st team

Kimery Musser (2006)-1st team


Senior All-Star Game (2002-present)

2002-Jessica Hanson

2003-Rachel Dougherty and Caitlin George

2004-Katie Craig, Sarah Dougherty, Laura George and Sherri Liang

2005-Taylor Herrgott and Rebecca Russell

2006-Annie Belott, Kelly George, Cindy Goon, Kimery Musser

2007-Alex Coleman and Stefani Schaper

2008-Andrea Fort, Carly Miller, Alison Musser, Corri Smoot

2009-Michelle Fowle, Lisa Poole and Brittany Skrutski

2010-Molly Hirrlinger, Katie Kohler and Xiaoyi Li

2011-Emma Geisser

2012-Brittany EauClaire, Jen Gruber and Lizzy Schaerr

2013-Xena Metzger, Katie Sweeney and Lizzi Walsh

2014- Becky Smith and Caitlyn Trickey

2015- Sasha Laurenzo and Isabel Salas

2016:  Anna Grace Bladen and Alena Villanueva

2017:  Kristen Martindell, Alex Salas and Noelle Waring

2018:  Kira Ng and Lindsay Nyunja


Magruder Athlete of the Week (2016-present)

Alena Villanueva (2016)

Alex Salas (2016)

Maya Scott (2016)

Kaliyah Moss (2017)

Kristen Martindell (2017)

Alex Salas (2017)

Maya Scott (2018)

Nichole Bright (2018)