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2018 Hall of Fame Induction Class


 2018 HOF class


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Magruder Community, 

The next Magruder High School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held in the Fall of 2025 and will continue every five years thereafter.  All nominations currently submitted will be in consideration and we will continue to accept nominations through May of 2025. 

Hall of Fame Committee 

Currently the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the next induction class (scheduled for Fall of 2025).  The Athletic Hall of Fame has moved to a five year nomination/induction cycle.  All nominations sent in for previous nomination cycles remain active and will be considered for the 2025 induction ceremony.  

Nominations should be sent to Max Sartoph at Magruder High School.  All new nominations are due by May 2025.    Forms may be submitted online (see google form link lower on this page) or on paper (bring to Main Office).


The 2018 induction ceremony took place on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th.  Friday night, Magruder hosted Poolesville.  Before the game all inductees and their guests/families were honored a brief celebration in the building and offered a tour of the building, including the main gym and the location of the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame.  At halftime all inductees were also honored in a brief ceremony.  


Saturday night, was the official induction luncheon/dinner at That's Amore.  All honorees received their official plaque and formally inducted



 Magruder High School is pleased to announce their 2018 Hall of Fame induction class.  This induction class marks a major change for the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame as the inductions will now held every five years with much larger induction classes.  Previously the HOF had annual inductions that included between 3-5 people.  In an effort to make the "event" a larger celebration, the induction classes will be much larger and take place every five years.  The 2018 induction class features 12 outstanding individuals, each with their own unique contributions to Magruder High School and their communities.  The 2018 Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are:

James Fuller (class of 1980)-basketball and football

Caitlin George (class of 2004)-volleyball and softball

Richie Harris (class of 1980)-football, basketball and track

Karl Heimbach-long time soccer coach and athletic director

Brooke (Hughes) Wendell (class of 2002)-softball

Barb King (class of 1978)-basketball and softball

Helen Maroulis (class of 2009)-wrestling

Corinne Owens (class of 2006)-basketball

Ben Surpin (class of 1995)-basketball

Zach Tolbert (class of 2006)-wrestling

Cam Watkins (class of 2005)-wrestling

Daryl Wilbanks (class of 1993)-football


The 2018 Hall of Fame weekend will take place Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th.  Friday night all the inductees will be recognized and honored at halftime of the home football game (game time is at 6:30PM).  Saturday the 27th there will be a HOF dinner that will be open to the public.  More details and information will be released this summer. 

Magruder Hall of Fame Members

To see the current members of the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame, their year of induction and brief reason for induction, please visit our "Induction Page" by clicking here.  This page will eventually include pictures of the plaques for each individual that are hanging in the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame outside the Main Gym. 

Introduction to the Athletic Hall of Fame

The Magruder High School Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 2002 to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the Magruder athletics program.  In 2002, a group of varsity coaches, athletic director (Karl Heimbach) and principal (David Steinberg) helped create the Hall of Fame by adopting the structure of the Hall of Fame and the selection criteria.  Late that year the first selection committee was formed.   In the fall of 2003 the first inductions took place and to date over 50 athletes, coaches, administrators and community members have been honored.  Anyone can nominate a former student-athlete, coach, administrator or community member.   For many years inductions took place annually.  Magruder currently holds induction ceremonies every 5 years.   The next induction ceremony is scheduled for fall of 2023.  The deadline for nominations for the induction class of 2023 will be May of 2023.  

Inductees are honored at halftime of the Homecoming Football game each year and at an awards dinner the following night.  Each inductee receives a plaque to commemorate their contributions to Magruder athletics.  A similar plaque is also hung in the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame outside of the main gym. 

Selection Committee:  the current selection committee include:

Max Sartoph: Chariman (2012-present), Former Varsity Wrestling coach, Magruder alum

Scott Zanni:  Former Chairman (2001-2012), current Social Studies Teacher and Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach, former Asst. AD

Katie (Peyton) Acton: current PE teacher, former Girls soccer coach, Magruder alum

Ray Fowle:  current Social Studies teacher, current Varsity Football coach,  Magruder alum

Silas Cheung:    Magruder Athletic Director, Magruder alum, Member of MHS Athletic HOF

Cindy Graham:  Former Varsity Cheerleading coach, Magruder alum, member of MHS Athletic HOF

Thomas Lee:  Long time community member, father of multiple Magruder athletes


Nomination Information: 

 Google form for Hall of Fame

Selection Process -this is a pdf file that explains the nomination process and the selection criteria used

Nomination Form Athlete -this is a pdf file of the nomination forms.  All completed forms should be sent to Scott Zanni click here

   Nomination Form Coach, Administrator, and Community-this is a pdf file of the nomination forms.