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Comprehensive High School Assessment

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            During your student’s High School Career, they will have the opportunity and obligation to participate in a variety of assessments.  Below, you can find links to information and resources aligned with each of these assessments.  Some assessments, such as the SAT and ACT, are voluntary and taken when students prepare to apply for College or University.  Others, such as the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program, are required for achieving a Maryland State Diploma. 

PSAT                                      9th, 10th, and 11th Grades                             Mandatory

Mandatory for all 10th graders, the PSAT is optional for 9th and 11th graders.  11th graders participating can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition, and can gain exposure with colleges and universities. 


SAT                                        Primarily 11th and 12th Grades                     Optional

The SAT is one of the most common College entrance exams.  Students will commonly take the assessment during the spring of their Junior year, and/or the fall of their Senior Year.  Additionally, MCPS offers SAT School Day Annually to eligible Juniors. 

ACT                                       Primarily 11th and 12th Grades                     Optional

            The ACT is an alternative college entrance exam.  The format of the assessment differs from that of the SAT, and some students feel it offers them an opportunity to put their best work forward when applying to colleges.  

ACCUPLACER                   11th - 12th Graders                                         Optional

            Students can demonstrate Readiness for College and Career by successfully participating in the ACCUPLACER.  This test can be taken at Magruder High School for free, and can enable students to begin taking credit bearing classes at Montgomery College

Which entrance exam is right for me?  Visit the College and Career Center!

MCAP                                                9th - 12th Grades                                            Mandatory

            The Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program tests student mastery of the four academic core subjects with assessments aligned to high school curricula in Algebra, English Language Arts, Government and Science.  Successful completion of these assessments, or corresponding projects, is required for graduation with a Maryland State Diploma.

Advanced Placement             9th - 12th Grades                                            Optional

            During their high school careers, students have the opportunity to participate in highly rigorous Advanced Placement Courses. At the culmination of these courses, there is a comprehensive assessment.  Successful completion of that assessment may earn a student college credit.          

Avant Stamp 4                       11th - 12th Grade                                            Optional

            Students who are eligible to receive the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy on their Diploma can earn this distinction by successful completion of the Avant Stamp 4 test in their native language, paired with demonstrating English Proficiency through MCAP testing. 

ACCESS for ELLs 2.0          English Language Learners                            Mandatory


            Each year, English Language Learners participate in this assessment to monitor their progress in language acquisition.  The assessment is used to place students appropriately, as well as evaluate the quality of instruction ELLs receive.