Randal Posin

About the Program: 

The Hospitality Management program offers students opportunities to pursue interests and gain proficiency in all aspects of the food industry, preparing them for a variety of career options. The need for dietary consultants, food scientists, nutritionists, chefs, food service managers, and educators continues to expand. Nutrition, food safety, and sanitation are emphasized as students practice all aspects of meal planning and preparation. ProStart™ outcomes have been infused into the curriculum, providing students with authentic work-based skills. Students have opportunities to take the ServSafe and ProStart™ examinations for certification. Course fees may apply.

Program Highlights: 

  • Gain proficiency in in culinary, work-based, and management skills using the ProStart Curriculum from the National Restaurant Association.  
  • Refine your culinary and food service skills as you prepare for industry-recognized certifications.
  • Earn one college credit at Montgomery College through the MCPS articulation agreement by earning a B or higher in the articulated courses and completing the entire high school plan.
  • Complete Work Based Learning Experience prior to graduation and work with industry business partners and other professionals during coursework.


International Cultures and Cuisines - International Cultures and Cuisines examines the emphasis on food as it relates to the culture of other countries or cultural groups in the United States. Workforce trends, career paths, and postsecondary requirements are examined.

Culinary Essentials - Students refine their culinary and food-service skills in a laboratory setting and build important skills for postsecondary education and careers. Attention is given to all aspects of careers in the hospitality industry.

Internship - Students apply knowledge and skill sets acquired in their programs of study to an authentic internship. Collaborating with professionals and mentors in the related career field, students participate in program-specific learning, leadership seminars, networking opportunities, and relevant workplace experiences. This course code can be repeated to fulfill the 2.0 credit minimum requirement.

Local Colleges offering continuation of the program include: 

George Washington University

Howard University

Montgomery College

University of Maryland Eastern Shore at the Universities of Shady Grove