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National Technical Honor Society

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Program Objectives


The Academy of Engineering, under the guidance of the nationally recognized Project Lead the Way, is designed for students with a strong interest in the field of engineering. In their studies and projects, Academy of Engineering students learn to merge and apply theories of science and mathematics in seeking solutions to real world technical problems. 
The curriculum, as prescribed by Project Lead the Way, challenges students of all abilities to become actively engaged in hands-on learning experiences. It exposes them to the role of teamwork in solving large-scale problems and it helps prepare them for the rigors of college engineering programs. Though the academy attracts many students who wish to focus on engineering after high school, it is open to any student who is interested in its benefits and desires a challenge.



Academy Highlights  



  •  Real world problem solving applications   


  •  Nationally Accredited and organized program  


  •  Capstone Research and Design Project 


  •  Use of 3-D Modeling Software 


  • 5 Credits Required 


  • Recognition at Graduation Ceremony of Academy Completion  


  • Students, who earn at least an 85 percent on a PLTW course, receive a minimum of 70 percent on the college section of the final, and complete their Portfolios may apply for college credit from affiliated colleges.  


Project Lead The Way College Credit Information


 Students Interested in the Academy  

  •  Submit a written application   
  •  Demonstrate strength in required math courses  
  •  Maintain at least a 2.5 minimum unweighted GPA  
  •  Have an excellent attendance record  
  •  Complete 5 Credits  
  •  Academy Courses  

   A more detailed list can be found here    

  •  Introduction to Engineering Design A/B   
  •  Principles of Engineering A/B  
  •  Digital Electronics A/B  
  •  Aerospace Engineering A/B  
  •  Engineering Design and Development A/B (Capstone)   

Math Prerequisites  

  •  Introduction to Engineering Design - Algebra 1  
  •  Principals of Engineering - Geometry  
  •  Digital Electronics - Algebra 2  
  •  Aerospace Engineering - Pre-Calculus  
  •  Engineering Design and Development - Pre-Calculus  


Application Process 

Students should complete the application form and submit to Mr. Smith. Students must inform their counselor of their application to the academy.  If you have any questions, contact  Mr. Andrew Brown or Mr. Michael Smith