School Rewards 1 

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You need to register every year.  Currently, Magruder is involved in four school reward programs which supply the school with valuable educational resources.  Sign-up is FREE and when you shop at the locations below, rewards are automatically generated for our school.  Nothing to it...


IMPORTANT NOTE!:  If you signed-up during Back-to-School Night, the paperwork was inadvertently thrown away.  Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to sign-up again.


School Rewards Coordinator:  Stephanie Schwinn, or 301-840-4646


 Reward Giant   Rewards Safeway 

Giant A+ School Rewards


Put Education on Your Shopping List!


Directions:  Giant


1.  Visit and "Register your Card" under "Designate Your School."

2.  Magruder's School Code: 00768 

Directions:  Safeway


1.  Go to and choose "Sign-up - It's Free!"

2.  Magruder's Group ID: 6607135 

Rewards Target  Rewards Bloom 

Take Charge of Education!


Bloom for Your School


Directions: Target


1.  Visit and select "Learn More" under "Take Charge of Education."

2.  Magruder's Target School ID:  58116 

Directions: Bloom


1.  Go to and "click here" under "Guest Registration."

2.  Magruder's School Code: 01505