P.A.C.E.--Parent Association for Community Engagement at Kingsview Middle School

Celebrating diversity by empowering our black and brown community while engaging in open dialogue on issues of equality and inclusion.  Join the conversation!
"In education, there is a golden triangle of quantity, quality, and equity.  You just can't ignore one while strengthening the others."--Sitaram Yechury
P.A.C.E Meeting 12/14/21
Guide to Facilitating Conversations about Race & Other Challengine Issues
Being a parent or caregiver is wonderful – and it can be hard (really hard) sometimes. Parent Cafés are created by parents, for parents. They are a guided opportunity for you to step back from the day to day details of life and talk honestly about the joys and challenges of parenting.
Link to page celebrating some important African Americans
ABLE to help parents

Advancing Black Lives in Education – ABLE, Inc. – is an organization established by a small group of former educators, administrators, school board members, and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) parents specifically to address the needs of Black children in this new virtual learning environment made necessary because of the coronavirus.

Educational Equity and Enrichment Hub

Informational flyer where parents can find support during Distance Learning.  

NAACP parent Representative for KMS

Information about the NAACP parent representative for KMS and the NAACP parent council of Montgomery County.