Sports Insight is a web and TV series about the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) high school and middle school athletics program. In the premiere episode, which aired in mid-February 2016, we discuss the issue of sportsmanship, and how MCPS teachers, coaches and staff infuse the concept of good sportsmanship into all academic and athletic activities at school.    

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Health Inventory (Physical Form)

Parent Permission Form

Medical Card for Athlete  



After School

Kingsview Middle School offers a variety of after school activities for students to participate in. We encourage every student to find an activity to become a part of. To find out more information about after school activities, please contact the school.  



  • Follow the Kingsview SGA on Instagram at kms.sga (
  • Meets on Wednesdays after school (late September – late May)
  • Open to all students
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Promotes school spirit and pride
  • Cultivates an environment of caring and sharing
  • Celebrates and values student body diversity
  • Collaborates, supports and plans school and community activities / service
  • Partners with Montgomery County Junior Council (MCJC) and Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC)


The Five Criteria for NJHS


  1. Scholarship--initial criteria to determine who is eligible to apply.
    1. Refers to the total academic performance as demonstrated by the grades earned by the student while in attendance at the school where the chapter is found. 
    2. GPA for initial consideration for candidacy into NJHS is a 3.85 cumulative GPA since entering Kingsview Middle School.
    3. If a student meets the GPA requirement, they are then eligible for consideration on the basis of leadership, service, citizenship, and character. 
    4. Eligible 7th and 8th grade students will receive a letter by the end of 3rd quarter inviting them to apply.  This process includes the completion of an application, an essay, and teacher recommendations. Lea
  2. Leadership
    1. Highly important for membership selection.
    2. Leadership roles in both school and community are considered if they can be verified.
  3. Service
    1. Those actions undertaken by a student, which are done with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation.
    2. In considering service, the contributions this candidate has made to school, classmates, and community, as well as the student's attitude toward service will be reviewed. 
  4. Citizenship
    1. Active participation in civic organizations or events.
  5. Character
    1. All actions, as well as both positive and negative aspects of character will be reviewed.
    2. All criteria will be free of speculation and rumor.
    3. The student must demonstrate the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.