Student Service Learning SSL

Student Service Learning (SSL) is a Maryland State Department of Education high school diploma requirement. A total of 75 Student Service Learning hours are needed for graduation. General information about Student Service Learning, such as pre approved activities, can be found on the Montgomery County Public Schools website. 

SSL Opportunities

Montgomery County Public Schools SSL website -  

Montgomery County Volunteer Center  -


MCPS Form 560-50 - Application for SSL Special Activity

MCPS Form 560-51 - SSL Activity Verification

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Abbi Owen at


 Individual Student Service Learning (SSL) Request – MCPS Form 560-50 


STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS: This form is for students to pursue a Student Service Learning (SSL) opportunity that is not identified on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website. The names of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that have certified compliance with MCPS Guidelines for SSL can be found on Students should be familiar with the Seven Best Practices of Student Service Learning (see page 13 of the MCPS Student Service Learning (SSL) 2018–2019 Guide for Students and Families) Students should complete this form by typing into this interactive form, or print legibly in blue or black ink, obtain parent/guardian approval, and submit it to their school-based SSL coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to starting the SSL activity. 

STUDENT FOLLOW UP (if activity meets MCPS Guidelines for SSL after review by the MCPS SSL coordinator—see page 2 of the MCPS SSL Guide for Students and Families): Documentation of all service is due to the school-based SSL coordinator must be completed on MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification Form, by the recommended or REQUIRED dates below: (please note that all SSL hours are available on the myMCPS student portal after they have been verified by the school-based SSL coordinator. In order for the SSL hours to be reflected on the student’s report card, the “recommended” dates below must be met.) 

Service completed during the summer—Recommended by Last Friday in September

Service completed during the summer and 1st semester—Recommended by First Friday in January

Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester to be recognized for the Certificate of Meritorious Service

(high school seniors) or the Superintendent’s SSL Award (middle school)—Recommended by First Friday in April

Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester—REQUIRED by First Friday in June

ALL SSL Forms for service completed any time during the current school year, including the summer before the current school year, are REQUIRED to be

submitted to the school SSL coordinator no later than the first Friday in June.

One example of SSL Hours & Volunteering 

KingsviewMiddle School students can earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours by volunteering their time at community institutions.  Rebecca Roth chose this option when she volunteered at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum (SSMH) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  SSMH is a military museum that honors and educates about the sacrifices of those soldiers, sailors, and ordinary citizens who have served the United States from the Civil War to present day.  Rebecca spent several days helping her grandmother, Carolyn Haser, perform some of her duties as SSMH Artistic Director.  SSMH houses many rare and one-of-a-kind exhibits.  Rebecca assisted her grandmother in performing “household chores.”  Each exhibit requires periodic care and maintenance.  Glass cases are opened and cleaned inside and outside; all artifacts are carefully removed and inspected.  Each display is then either updated or redesigned.  Rebecca exclaimed to her grandmother, “There is more to a display than just putting in artifacts!”  She learned that each display tells a story and that story is told through the artifacts, provenance, tags, and other display information. 


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