ABLE to help parents

Advancing Black Lives in Education – ABLE, Inc. – is an organization established by a small group of former educators, administrators, school board members, and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) parents specifically to address the needs of Black children in this new virtual learning environment made necessary because of the coronavirus. We are determined that:
• All of our children must absolutely continue to thrive while learning virtually; and
• MCPS and other school districts must continue, and intensify, the focus on addressing existing educational inequities during this time and beyond. ABLE is committed to being a force - a listening ear, a squeaky wheel, a source of information, and a provider of resources - to Black parents, children, and teachers to ensure that we are Advancing Black Lives in Education during these new and
different times. . . and thereafter. 

Contact us at 301-807-6584 or email us here:

We have established private groups, for Black families only, on social media
platforms so that we can help each other and get resources and help to
those who need them. Some of the issues that have been raised are:
• What do families need for their children to thrive and excel
while learning at home?
• What concerns do parents have about virtual learning?
• Does your child have the necessary technology, internet
connection, and basic supplies?
• Do you have questions about identifying or improving space
for your child to "attend" school in the home or about how to
create a school day routine?
• Has your child's teacher contacted you and explained
how communication will take place and how to access all
platforms the school district is using?
• Do you understand how the attendance policy will be

We will help you find answers to these and other questions. We are
passionate about making space for Black families to share experiences, to
seek answers, and to support each other. We are committed to advocating
on behalf of Black children and to building community. Come meet us on
Facebook. . .and soon on other social media platforms.

See Flyer for more details.