RCMS Departments

Administration ⇒ Mr. Jeffrey Brown
Building Services ⇒ Ms. Jacky Mejia
Cafeteria Services ⇒ Ms. Ashley Duvall
Counseling ⇒ Mrs. Nicki Walter
English ⇒ Mrs. Julie Long
ESOL ⇒ Mrs. Julie Long
Finance Office ⇒ Ms. Beth Shull
Magnet Program ⇒ Mrs. Cherin Hershkowitz
Math ⇒ Mr. Steve Howington
Media Center ⇒ Mr. Ron Poker
Middle Years Programme ⇒ Ms. Liz Gall
Physical Education ⇒ Mr. Dave Hudson
Reading ⇒ Mrs. Julie Long
Science ⇒ Ms. Roseann Brady
Special Education ⇒ Ms. Shoshana Kohr
Student Service Learning ⇒ Mrs. Michelle Palank
Staff Development ⇒ Mrs. Karen Naylor
Arts and Language Acquisition ⇒ Ms. Melanie Mosher
Individuals and Societies (World Studies) ⇒ Mrs. Natasha Abelle-Kiser