The Alicia Betancourt Prize for Excellence in the Arts


Alicia Betancourt Scholarship 2018-19 Application

A tax free donation can be made to the scholarship by writing a check to James Hubert Blake High School. Please write in your check that the amount is intended to go the Alicia Betancourt Prize. You can mail the check to the attention:

Sandra Mantua, School Business Administrator
James Hubert Blake High School
300 Norwood Road
Silver Spring, MD, 20905



An informational meeting will take place on Monday, December 11th at 11:20 in Room E170 for all who are interested and eligible.


The Alicia Betancourt Prize for excellence in the Arts was created from the Scholarship fund founded in 2004 by Arturo Betancourt and Lulu Delacre in memory of their 16 year old daughter after she died as a passenger in a car.


Initially established as a $4,000 scholarship to be awarded for sixteen consecutive years, the prize is now a scholarship greater than $6,000 distributed over the course of 4 years. The value of the scholarship may continue to increase for the first-place winner; the first runner-up will receive a single award of $1,000 and the second runner-up will receive one of $500.


The first prize was awarded in Spring 2006 and the scholarship will continue to be awarded through 2021.


Candidate's Profile

The candidate should be a female senior at James Hubert Blake High School with a strong interest in the visual arts and/or dance.


She should have an excellent work ethic, strong academics, and a GPA of 3.5 unweighted and/or 4.0 weighted. She should be a kind, well-rounded person committed to community service and have a clean driving record.


Once in college the recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a clean driving record. The scholarship will not be renewed if the student quits college. It will be suspended if the student takes time off from college and will continue once she is back in school.



- Arturo E. Betancourt
- Lulu Delacre
- Veronica Betancourt


Selection Committee

- John Overman, Art Teacher, Chair
- Alyssa Bowlby, Ceramics Teacher
- Danielle D'Anna, Dance Teacher
- Michael D’Anna, Drama Teacher

Committee members may change from year to year


Alice Creel - Winner
Samantha Chheang - Winner
Christine Evans - Winner
Sydney Steel - Winner
Samantha Wright - Winner
Emily Eaglin - Winner
Monika Looney - Winner
Connie Dai - Winner
Ashley Haymaker - Winner
Elizabeth Gipson - Winner
Layla Lynn - Winner

Previous winners include: Hannah Wides (2007), Emily Toy (2006)


Original 2006 Winners
Emily Toy, Hannah Song and Allie Williams won in 2006, the first year the scholarship was awarded.

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