Staff Development


Staff Development Teacher: Ms.Ashley DeLonga


Job Description

The school-based staff development teacher (SDT) is an instructional leader who fosters development and growth of professional learning communities and facilitates job-embedded staff development. In collaboration with the principal, school leadership, and other stakeholders, the SDT supports the goal of building staff capacity to meet system wide and local school initiatives to increase student learning.

MCPS, 9/21/2004

Roles of a Staff Developer

Coach: Helps teachers transfer learning experiences into practice through learning-focused conversations

Catalyst for Change: Guides school staff in assessing effectiveness of instructional practices and moves staff to implement necessary systemic changes

Consultant: Supports individuals or groups in determining the best course of action to carry out specific tasks or meet specific objectives

Facilitator: Designs and implements processes to create productive and collaborative interactions to bring about desired results

Resource Provider: Provides resources to help school staff reach desired goals

Program Manager: Manages the comprehensive professional development plans within the school

Trainer: Helps school staff acquire new skills and knowledge through custom-designed training and job-embedded follow-up

*Adapted from Killion, J. &Harrison, C. "Multiple Roles of Staff Development Teacher"*

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