Mr. Derek O'Halloran, Resource Teacher
Department Phone: 240-740-0464


Mr. Matthew Boswell

Ms. Dawn Charles

Ms. Vanna Chung 

Ms. Simone  Daleo

Ms. Emily Fishel

Dr. Peter Haupt

Ms. Laura Jappe

Ms. Monica Judge

Mr. Gildon Kirk

Mrs. Marcella Koplowitz

Mr. Christopher Lee

Ms. Jennifer Lloyd

Mr. David Lopilato

Mr. Berthony "Tony" Louis

Ms. Sarah Mahoney

Mr. Andrew Opie

Ms. Rosana Pagan

Dr. Victoria Reuter

Ms. Kerry Sullivan

Mr. Jacob Verga

Ms. Elizabeth Westbrook

Ms. Angela Young



Ms. Ann O'Donoghue

English Composition Assistant


Ms. Candace    Port-Hull

English Composition Assistant


The B-CC English Department's Mission is to:

  • recognize students’ strengths and needs, support them in reaching their goals, and encourage them to take accountability for their learning
  • inspire students to love diverse literature and to find their voice by taking risks in a variety of writing tasks
  • foster a culture of empathy and learning through unconditional positive regard and the development of a growth mindset through the study of rigorous, relevant, and representative literature from around the world