B-CC Security Department

B-CC Security Team:

Mr. Ray Gray, Security Team Leader
Department Phone: 240-740-0414
Ms. Terri Bradley Mr. James Cunningham Mr. Serigne Ndiaye
Mr. Dominic Snowden    


Administrative Lunch Detention is served from 11:13 - 11:54 am in the Main Office.

Students must be in their seats in the detention room on time and remain there until the end of detention. Students must bring written work to do, but cell phone use is strictly prohibited. Regular classroom rules apply. Missing detention will lead to additional consequences.


We encourage all students to take advantage of the use of a school locker to store their belongings.

To be assigned a locker please see Mr. Gray in the Security Office across from the Main Office before school, at lunch, or after school only.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are located in the Main Office

Student IDs

Student IDs can be obtained in the security office before school, at lunch and after school only.

Replacement IDs are $5.00 each.


Visitor Parking:

*Please observe posted parking signs and directional markings.
* Please do not park in spaces marked reserved. Towing is enforced.
* Please make sure to sign in on the visitor clipboard in the main office and list your vehicle.
* Cars parked in the bus lanes must be cleared by 1:00 p.m. each day! On an early release
day, they must be moved by 10:30 a.m.

Cars that do not follow the above instructions will be towed.  Announcements can not be made interrupting the instructional day to try to find the owners of illegally parked vehicles.


B-CC has limited student parking and only seniors are eligible to apply for student parking. All seniors should check their MCPS student email account for a message from Ms. Sutton to explain how to apply for parking. Questions can be addressed to Ms. Sutton at Rebecca_J_Sutton@mcpsmd.org .


Deadlines on applications MUST be adhered to.

* Students who are approved to park on school grounds must have a valid B-CC parking permit issued for the
current season.
* Students are expected to drive in a safe manner.
* Students must park only in the "Student Parking" spaces.
* Students are not to loiter around their cars and may not return to their cars during the school day except during lunch.
* All parking permits must be prominently displayed.
* Parking permits are not transferable and thus can not be used in any vehicle that is not registered with the
Security office.

Parking Application > Parking Policy & ProcedureMCPS Parent Approval Form

Failure to comply with the above expectations will result in the revocation of the parking permit with no refund. Cars parked without a visible permit may be towed.