Seventh Grade Interdisciplinary Team

Team Leader

  • Mrs. Jill Pencek, Math

Seventh Grade Teachers

  • Mrs. Sarah Bell, Science
  • Ms. Erin Bird, Physical Education & Health
  • Ms.  Marianne Bohr, Foreign Language
  • Ms. Sarah Brown,  English
  • Ms. Clair Caputo, English
  • Ms. Malina Chitkara,  Spanish 
  • Mrs. Lori Enick-Kniss, Social Studies
  • Mr. Andrew Finch,  Reading 
  • Ms. Gecoma, English
  • Mrs. Lauren Goldfarb, Mathematics
  • Mr. Brian Graziano,  Computer Applications 
  • Mrs. Veronica Harrison, Reading
  • Mr.  Andrew Hirshorn,  Physical Education & Health
  • Mr.  Andy Hwang,  Mathematics
  • Mr.  Robert Hyde,  World Studies 
  • Ms. Cristina Libby,  Mathematics
  • Ms. Michelle Lugo, Science
  • Mr.  Mike McCarthy, English
  • Mr.  Kevin Middleton,  Academic Support 
  • Mrs. Jill Pencek, Mathematics
  • Ms.  Susan Pickell,  ESOL
  • Mrs.  Amy Pike,  Physical Education & Health
  • Ms.  Gabrielle Prandoni,  Art
  • Ms. Deborah Romano,  Reading
  • Ms.  Jacqueline Schnidman, Spanish
  • Ms.  Lauren Sweeney,  Mathematics
  • Ms.  Jessica Thomas,  Mathematics
  • Ms.  Vanessa Varela,  Choral and Instrumental Music 
  • Mrs. Mary Lee Young,  Instrumental Music

Team News & Notes

  • Field trip info tbd


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