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English Department Mission Statement

Quince Orchard High School’s English Department is committed to providing each student with an appreciation for thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening critically. We strive to develop our students into independent learners who can communicate effectively, read the world critically, examine various perspectives, and increase in empathy for others. Students will understand how the English curriculum drives their success in all aspects of their lives.

The English Department will encourage, model, differentiate, and scaffold students’ learning to meet them where they are. We will plan carefully to provide multiple opportunities to think critically, to make meaningful choices in their learning, and to experience a variety of perspectives.

Students’ demonstration of growth in reading and writing, real world application, and metacognition will prove the efficacy of our vision and pedagogy.  

The Writing Center: 

A Resource for Students to Improve their Writing.  Come to Room 234 at lunchtime for help from trained National English Honor Society tutors in the Writing Center. You can do it!  We can help! 

Writing Center Videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FRF8fshLmY,




Staff List

Phone Number:240-740-3600

Ms. Eberhart-Bliss (Resource) Elicia_M_Eberhart-Bliss@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Callan Kelly_M_Callan@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Arora Kunal_Arora@mcpsmd.org  
Ms. Blanchard Skyra_C_Blanchard@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Boettcher Audrey_D_Boettcher@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Carpenter     Eve_E_Carpenter@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Campbell Christopher_G_Campbell@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Cooley-Klein Megan_M_Cooley-klein@mcpsmd.org  
Mr. Denhard     Ransom_P_Denhard@mcpsmd.org  
Ms. Duke Heather_L_Duke1@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Klein Paul_Klein@mcpsmd.org  
Ms. Lo (Walkowiak) Andrea_M_Lo@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Odorisio Erin_A_Odorisio@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Rockwood Nathaniel_C_Rockwood@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Saadipour Nicholas_Saadipour@mcpsmd.org  
Ms. Scherer Emily_J_Scherer@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Soykan Jenifer_H_Soykan@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Stolper (Trettel) Marisa_E_Trettel@mcpsmd.org  
Mr. Willis Jonathan_B_Willis@mcpsmd.org  


Mr. Nicholas Saadipour won the Montgomery County Board of Education's Distinguished Service to Public Education Award. The annual award was established to recognize and show appreciation to individuals, groups, and organizations that have made exemplary contributions to public education in Montgomery County.

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