Clubs and Organizations

Academic Team (formerly It's Academic)

  SponsorMr. Schuman
 Logan Feingold and Spencer Tabit
Monday & Thursday at lunch. Room 324
Description: The academic team competes in quiz-style competitions against other schools around the DC area, the most notable of which is the TV show “It’s Academic.” Sherwood vs. QO Quizmaster

Africa United Club

  SponsorMr. Textoris  
Student Officers: President: Blanche Anyango, VP: Lynda Taneku, Treasurer: Kercy Irakoze, Secretary: Jael Kish
Meeting Day(s)
:2nd Friday of the month
Meeting Time: Lunch
Meeting Place: Room 228J
Description: The Africa United Club is interested in learning about and celebrating African Culture as well as community service projects in Montgomery County and in Africa. Some of the activities we have been involved in: Field trips to the African History Museum and IMAX film on Egypt, African Art History lecture at GWU, African History lecture at Montgomery College, clothing drive for flood victims in Mozambique, Christmas Toy-Drive for Head Start in Montgomery County, donation to Trees for the Future to help plant trees in Africa, annual participation and organization for International Night at QOHS, participation in the African American History Month Assemblies, African dinners at student homes. We will also be participating in Putting on the Hits.

American Sign Language Club

  Sponsor: Mrs. Combs  
Meetings: Listen to announcements for dates and times, meetings in room 218
Description: The ASL Club discusses Deaf events in the Washington, DC area. Come learn some sign language basics. In addition, the club assists the ASL Honor Society with its yearly fundraiser of sending a deaf child to camp.

Anime/Manga club

  Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood  
Meetings: Tuesdays in room 239 from 2:30-3:30pm
Officers: President - TBA
Description: Fans and artists unite! Join the Anime/Manga club after school and spend time hanging out with people who share your interests.

Astronomy Club

  Sponsor: Ms. Hollies  
Officers: President - Stefano Santini, Vice President - Alvand Fakhari, Secretary - Francesca D'Cruz, Secretary - Brianna Ho
Description: The astronomy club is interested in learning more about the universe we live in. This club is great for anyone interested in science and astronomy.

Best Buddies

  Sponsor: Mr. Benas  
Officers: President - TBA, VP - TBA 
Meetings: We have club luncheons on the last Wednesday of each month, and have out-of-school activities at variable times. Listen to the morning announcements and check our bulletin board next to the nurse's office for event locations.
  QOHS Best Buddies Webpage,,  
Best buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-on-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
How can I participate in Best Buddies?
You can choose to become a Peer Buddy. A Peer Buddy is a student without an intellectual disability who is pairing up in a one-on-one friendship with a student who has a disability for a full school year. A Peer Buddy is expected to contact his/her Buddy at least once a week and hang out with him/her at least twice a month. You may decide to become an Associate Member instead. Associate Members are students that are not paired up in a one-on-one friendship, but still attend all chapter meetings and events.

Chess Club

  Sponsor:    Mrs. Jones and Mr. Klein
Meeting Day: Thursdays after school and Fridays at lunch in room 320
Description: Play some chess!

Class of 2017 - Seniors

  Facebook - QOHS Class of 2016, Twitter - @qo_2016, Instagram - QO_2016
 Mrs. R. Miller
President: Brett Williams
1st VP:
 Alex Saks
2nd VP:
 Joe McGowan
3rd VP:
 Dana Freedman
Hannah Pearlstein
 Philippe Castillo
 Mackenzie Harris

Class of 2018 - Juniors

  Sponsor: Ms. Etzwiler   
President: Elizabeth Cooke
1st VP: Beth Ellinport
2nd VP: Bennett Cohn
3rd VP: Bella Zindash
Treasurer: Elena Dietz
Secretary: Sydney Dalin
Historian: Tobi Baisburd

Class of 2019 - Sophomores

Facebook - QO Class of 2018, Instagram - qoclassof2018
Sponsor:   Ms.Reese
President: William Walsh
1st VP: Annie Coulson
2nd VP: Riley Hoffman
Treasurer: Jenna Mensh
Secretary: Mary Wari
Historian: Maya Gundepudi

Class of 2020 - Freshmen

  Sponsor: TBA

Coexist Club

  Sponsor:   Mrs. Burdette
Description: It’s a group of kids who discuss topics of tolerance.  Sometimes we discuss various religions and their belief systems, others it a current event.  We’ve done book studies (think Life of Pi), and discussed movies (Sniper).  Though our discussions we discuss what’s going on, we try to understand why it happened (what motives people might have), and ways we can make a difference.

Cougar TV

  Sponsor:Mr. Malcolmson  
Crew Council: Ben Palmer, Allison Hobson, Cooper Hoffman and Devin Streight
Meetings: Thursdays and 2:20pm and Fridays at 6:45am in the TV Studio
Description: Produces a student run Friday morning live news broadcast reporting on noteworthy QO events of the week.

Debate Team

  Sponsor: Mrs. Jones  
Wednesday at lunch in room 227
Description: The Quince Orchard High School Debate Team provides students an opportunity to engage in public forum style debates. Each student researches and prepares for four different topics per year and individually debates these topics with opponents from other Montgomery County schools. For more information talk to Ms. Jones or Devin Streight.

Drama Club & Stage Crew

Sponsor:Mr. Saadipour

Producer:Mrs. Lee

DescriptionDrama Club and Stage Crew is an organization comprised of those interested in the theatrical arts. It functions as the producing body for at least 2 shows a year, with members not only performing in cast or pit orchestra, but also involved in such aspects as constructing and painting sets, making costumes, props, lights and sound, hair and makeup, and serving as the front house crew during performances, as well as many other areas of production.  All student members involved in the productions are eligible for becoming members of the International Thespian Society, the Educational Theatre Association's student honorary organization. Actors must audition; workshops are held to show you how.  Stage/Technical/Backstage Crew members, as well as Pit Orchestra members, do not audition but there is a level of expectation of commitment.  All members of the productions generally meet every school day from about 2:45-5pm while preparing for shows and can run later the week the show opens (Tech Week). Certain areas of crew also work some weekends. The club also participates in other activities, which may include the Homecoming parade, going to festivals and participating in fundraising activities. Occasional Drama Club meetings generally occur at lunch. The call board next to the elevator on the first floor and the website carries Drama Club notices.  The club welcomes all new members to come and share their talents and knowledge.

 Engineering Club  

 Sponsor:   Mr. Sontz - Contact Information -

 Officers: President: Thomas Good, FIRST Captain: Jake Skimmons, Assistant Captain: Thomas Good, FIRST Captain: Axel Garcia, Assistant Captain: Jesse Shakarji, Secretary: Jesse Wong
Meetings: Mondays (After School) and Thursdays (During Lunch) in room 133
Description: This group explores the fields of Engineering while allowing students interested in STEM to meet and work together to solve different problems and work on different projects. Our projects include   FIRST Robotics, 3D Printing, and Drones. Stop by and be an engineer. You can do it.

Environmental Club

  Sponsor: Ms. Haase   

   Officers: President - Timothy Kress, Vice President - Elliot Hayes, Treasurer - Adam Levey, Secretary - Bret Williams, Historian - Torii Isaacson, Community Relations - Michael Bauer & Sine Wari
Meetings: TBD
Description: Environmental Club is focused on gaining awareness of environmental issues, encouraging environmentally healthy behaviors in our lives and community, and enjoying nature through outdoor excursions. Throughout the year we will organize activities such as hiking, local restoration, conventions, documentary screenings, and participation with local and national environmental groups.

Equestrian Club

SponsorMs. Killeen Martell  
Meetings: Listen for Announcements for meetings during lunch
Description: We compete in the Interschool Horse Show Series against other public and private high schools in Maryland. There is one show a month and we are always open to new members.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  Sponsor:   Ms. Yu and Ms. Hall  
Meetings: Mondays at lunch in room 220
Description: This is a place where students can meet and learn how to follow Jesus by living out our Christian faith wherever we are. Everyone is welcome. Come for food, fun, and fellowship!

Foreign Affairs Club

  Sponsor: Mr. Textoris  
Officer: President: Sung Min Joo
Meetings: Wednesdays during lunch in room 228J
Description: This club discusses and debates issues and events happening around the world. Focusing on international topics not covered extensively in US News.  Students/members prepare presentations with Google Slides or Power point.

Forensics Team

  Sponsors: Mr. Arora  
Description: Forensics is more than just talk.  It is actually several forms of public speaking, including Prose or Poetry reading, Radio Broadcasting, Duo Interpretation, as well as Storytelling, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous and impromptu speaking, Dou Improvisation, and Dramatic Interpretation. These are presented in competition at high school invitationals as well as in the district, region, and across the state. While participating on the Forensics team you will develop your speaking and acting skills, gain self-confidence and poise, learn how to express your ideas clearly and convincingly, and understand the meaning of commitment-to yourself and to the team.

Gaithersburg Student Union

  Sponsors: Mrs. Aranda, Jake Hersom(City Sponser), and TBD

  Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 144A

  Description: This group meets weekly to discuss different SSL opportunities in Gaithersburg as well as other activities that students can participate in.  Get more information about what is going on through the links below.

Game Development Club

  Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood  
Wednesdays lunch in room 239
The Game Development and Design club is about making video games! Have you ever gotten so mad at a game, and said to yourself "I could do that better" well, now you can! Join the game dev and start making a game today!

Gamers' Club

  Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood   
Meetings: Thursdays in room 239 from 2:15 - 3:30pm
Officers: President: Christy Sachs, VP: Paris Lane
Description: Gamers’ Club lets students find both players for their favorite games and new games to play; video, board, card, and role playing games are open to anyone who wants to drop in. Have fun, improve your game, and make school a more awesome place

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

  SponsorMrs. Rodgers
Officers: TBA
Meetings: Every other Wednesday in room 221 at lunch
Description: The GSA supports all gender and sexuality issues. We seek out events and causes that relate to teenage and young adult issues. At meetings, we discuss personal issues related to sexuality and plan events to meet other clubs with similar interests. Contact Ms. Rodgers or any officer to get involved. You don't have to be gay to join -- we talk about all issues related to dating and family relationships.

Girls in Engineering

  Sponsor:   Mrs. Adams 
Description: This group welcomes all girls interested in learning more about Engineering and sharing what they know. Members work together to discuss issues in Engineering and help each other with course work for the PLTW courses at QO.   

Global Griots

  Sponsor: Mrs. Bradley  
Editors - Ana Gomez and Gyda Murrar
Meetings: During lunch in room 230
Description: Global Griots is a group of multilingual student leaders who create an annual literary magazine that addresses issues and ideas that are relevant to international and immigrant students. This group is led by students who are previously or currently enrolled in ESOL classes. Submissions are collected throughout the fall semester, design and editing is completed during the late winter and early spring, and the final version of our magazine is printed at the end of the school year. It is distributed to any staff or student that is interested in global stories. If you are or were and ESOL student, come check us out.


  Sponsor: Ms. Bewernitz  
Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in the greenhouse (next to 344)

Description: Horticulture is the art, science, and business of all things plants. The Horticulture club also performs annual fall centerpeices and a spring vegetable plant sale!


  Sponsor: Mrs. Yang  
Officers: President - Meghan Mychajliw, Vice Presidents - Shawdi Hootkany and Hannah Ropelewski, Secretary - Amanda Thai, Tresurer- Abby Potter, Historian - Morgan Kuiper, SSL Coordinator - Katie Lee
Meetings: Mondays during lunch in room 330.
Description: This club works on planning community service and international service events and fundraisers. It is a fun way to meet people and earn SSL hours. Everyone is invited.

International Club

  Sponsor: Ms. Bradley

Officers: President - Natasha Vozenilek, Vice President - Daya Lu, Secretary - Tiffany Pei, Historian - Catherine Cassell, Treasurer - Shadi Davari
Description: The International Club at QOHS is a group of motivated diverse students who enjoy learning about other cultures, sharing their own cultural traditions and engaging other students in cultural events. The student members of the club put on the annual “International Night” show. The show features student cultural performances that include dance and musical performances, singing, reading poetry and performing dramatic skits. If you consider yourself a citizen of the world, come join International Club!

Jewish Student Union

  SponsorMr. Schuman  
: President - Lara Amar
Description: Promotes fellowship among Jewish students at QOHS, and explores a variety of aspects of Judaism, American Jewish culture, and service opportunities.

JUNTOS (Just Unite Now That's Our Solution)

  Sponsor: Ms. Cardona and Mrs. Mohan  
Offficers: Capitans - Karen Chiquillo and Monique Costa
Meetings: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40pm - 4pm and Saturdays from 11am - 1pm in room 218
Description: Its mission is to elevate and nurture students’ personal growth through dance and help them discover the power of their artistic expression. One goal is to build dance skills in order to able to compete in area dance competitions, Irene Holtzman, dance instructor of ClaveKazi Dance Company provides private instruction to JUNTOS members on Saturdays from 11:00am - 1:00pm at QOHS and students use after school practices to master the skills taught each Saturday. The MCPS Latin Dance Competition will be held on Monday, November 23, 2015 from 7-9pm at The Strathmore Hall in Rockville, Maryland. Tickets will be on sale in October. In order to be a member of JUNTOS, students must meet eligibility requirements as required by the county GPA of a 2.5

Key Club

  Sponsor:   Mrs. Parker
Officers: President - TBD, Vice President - TBD, Tresurer - TBD, Secretary - TBD, Editor - TBD
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month in Ms. Parker's room, check the Facebook page for details
Description: Key Club is an international organization dedicated to service, leadership, and community. The club plans and participates in many volunteer opportunities through fundraisers, drives, and direct service. Members have a chance to earn SSL hours easily throughout the year. 

Life Sciences Club

  Sponsor: Ms. Hollies  
Officers: President - Francesca D'Cruz, Vice Presidents Gabby Fuster and Abee Tariq, 2nd Vice President - Isabel Yoon, Secretary - Martina Mackleer, Press Secretary - Anna Y, Historian - Emily Wang
Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 323F
Meeting Days/Times: Thursdays at lunch
A club dedicated to promoting interest and awareness in science, math, biotechnology, medical engineering and careers associated with these areas. Club members and guest speakers have an opportunity to present and discuss science related topics. They can attend field trips to federal research, academic and industry organizations. They can volunteer to help with elementary and middle school science fairs and tutoring. Everyone is welcome.

Literary Magazine

  SponsorMarisa Trettel  
Student Officers:
Erin Lanham, Isabella Abraham
Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in room 228I
Description: Students create and publish the school’s literary magazine. Students will participate in fundraising activities, advertise for submissions, edit and chose submissions to be published in the magazine, and create the magazine design and layout.

    Marching Band 

  Sponsor: Mr. Fay  
Meeting Information: See the Marching Band website for details about practices and performances.
DescriptionThe marching band is one of the largest spirit organizations at Quince Orchard. The Marching Cougars perform at all varsity football games and at several competitions throughout the region. Membership is open to all students grades 9-12. The colorguard is also a dance unit that performs with the marching band at all events. The marching band rehearses two days a week during the fall (football season).

Minority Scholars Program

  Sponsor: Mr. Saadipour and Mr. Favazzo
: The Minority Scholars Program (MSP) is a student driven initiative aimed at reducing the achievement gap by expanding the number of African American and Latino students in honors and Advanced Placement courses in Montgomery County public high schools. Based off the premise of positive peer pressure, MSP empowers out high school students to work consistently increase the number of African American and Latino students that are college bound by (1) identifying student candidates for honor and AP courses, and (2) providing MSP participants with support through peer-led workshops and events, and (3) providing leadership opportunities within the school and local community. Began in 2005 at one MCPS high school, the program has grown and now has chapters at 15 area high schools.


MSP at QO is comprised of 11th grade college-bound students with at least a 3.0 CGPA. The goal of MSP is to assist and support its members to be college and career ready and supporting them in leadership, academic success, and mentoring. Specific activities will be focused on helping develop the skills and strategies to maintain and improve member GPA, earn scholarships and grants and complete the college application process. Furthermore, members will develop their leadership skills by mentoring middle school students. MSP meets twice a month in Mr. Saadipour's room. Please see the sponsors or any MSP member for more information. 

Mock Trial Team

  Sponsor: Ms. Jones  
Officers: Council Members - Yardley Borton, Clive Liu, Philipe Castillo, and Brent Jamsa
Meetings: Wednesday and Thursday after school in Mrs. Jones' Room 320

Model UN

  Sponsor: Mr. Lasko

PEEAR (Tutoring Club)

  Sponsor: Ms. Yeck  
Officers: President - Stefan Ko, VP - Isabel Yoon, Secretary - Jina Lee
Description: PEEAR (Program for Educational Excellence and Academic Readiness) is a tutoring club with the purpose of enhancing education among students in our community. The members of PEEAR are consisted of high school students who attend Quince Orchard High School. Our club's objective is to provide tutoring for students who attend Ridgeview Middle School and Jones Lane Elementary School.

Physics Club

  Sponsor:   Mr. Boettcher

The Prowler (Newspaper)

  Sponsor:   Ms. Cooley-Klein
Editors-in-Chief: Anna Goorevich, Will Husted, Brittany Mills, David Suggs
Meeting Place: Room 252
Description: The Prowler publishes six issues a year and covers news, features, and sports in the Quince Orchard High School community. Students manage all aspects of newspaper production including reporting, editing, circulation, and business operations. In order to be involved in the newspaper, students must first take Newspaper Journalism, a year-long introductory course.
Latest Issue:   December 2016  

Past Issues:  May 2017-     February 2017-      December 2016-     November 2016-      October 2016 -    March 2016 -      February 2016 -      November 2015 -   May 2015 -   Senior Issue 2015 -   March 2015 -   February 2015 -   December 2014 -   November 2014 -   October 2014      


Psychology Club

  Sponsor:Ms. Keune

  Officers: TBA - President, TBA - Historian, TBA - VP of Activities,  TBA - VP of Publicity, TBA- Secretary
Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 326, other activities are typically on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Description: The purpose of the Psychology club is to provide current and previous Psychology and AP Psychology students an opportunity to explore topics and themes related to the study of psychology beyond the classroom through movie nights, field trips, service projects to Springfield Psychiatric Hospital, book club dinners, and guest speakers. Membership is closed to only students who have completed AP Psychology or are currently enrolled in AP Psychology.


  QO Engineering Club 

  Sponsor: Mr. Sontz  

Officers: President - Thomas Good, FIRST Captain - Jake Skimmons, Assistant Captain - Thomas Good, FIRST Captain - Axel Garcia, Assistant Captain - Jesse Shakarji, Secretary - Jesse Wong



  This group explores the fields of Engineering while allowing students interested in STEM to meet and work together to solve different problems and work on different projects. Our projects include   FIRST Robotics, 3D Printing, and Drones. Stop by and be an engineer. You can do it.

QO Film Society

 Sponsor: Mr. Truman  
Officer: Luke Tittle
Description: The QO Film Society is a group dedicated to the production of films and videos.  Students work together on all aspects of film making:  brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, blocking scenes, lighting and locations, and recording images.  All levels of abilities and interests are welcome.

Quince Orchard Project

  Sponsor: TBA
Officers: Joe Cooke, Patty Dirlam, Chloe Malouf, Kate Muma, Alex Myers, Regina Wingate
Description: The Quince Orchard Project is about bringing the community together, as well as explore the history of Quince Orchard and reintroduce it back into the community.

Red Cross Club

Sponsor: Ms.Letourneau
 Rachel Najdowski, Elena Dietz, Sydney Dalin, Kelsie Flaim

Meetings: Announced via email or morning announcements
Description: This club organizes book drives for QO Community library as well as being instrumental in getting awareness out about community projects and helping man the fall and spring blood drive.

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions

  Sponsor: Ms. Miller  
Officers: President - Sam Holmberg, VP - Alka Jays, Treasurer - Stefan Ko, Secretary - Mina Lee, SSL Secretary - Jina Lee, Historian - Bella Roberts
Wednesdays at lunch
Description: SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) - We are primarily an educational group with a goal to speak out against underage drinking and all the potentially destructive aspects of drinking and doing drugs. We promote this stand and try to educate students at QO through Cougar TV, posters, announcements, winter holiday cards, speakers, and participation in the schoolwide "Every Fifteen Minutes". We invite anyone to join us at any time to participate in our activities and become a member of our club.


  Sponsor: Mr. Cipperly

President: Patty Dirlam
First Vice President: Jake Feidelman
Second Vice President: Luke Tittle
Third Vice President: Jamie Grossberg
Secretary: Elizabeth Hellewell
Historian: Wyatt McCabe
Press Secretary: Mason Radis
Treasurer: Evan Dunmyer

    QO SGA Webpage 
Meetings: TBD by calander events
Description: The Student Government Association is dedicated to voicing the concerns of the student body, and therefore resolve matters that affect the student body most.

South Asian Student Society

  Sponsor:   Mrs. Yang
Officers: President - TBA, Vice President - TBA
Meetings: Once a month during lunch in room 330, dates are on the morning announcements.
Description: One major project that SASS does is create a dance team to perform at International Night in March.  Please see Ms. Yang in room 330 if you are interested.

Teenage Republicans

  Sponsor: Mr. Sontz  
President - Chris Hunter, VP - Devin Streight, Treasurer - Zene Hall, Secretary - Ryan Gniadek, Historian - Brent Jamsa
Meetings: Fridays at lunch in room 133
During meetings we discuss issues facing the country and the Republican Party, and occasionally have guest speakers. Outside of school we get involved in political activism around the community. People of all political affiliations are welcome to participate in the club!


  Sponsor:   Ms. Walkowiak

  •   Editor-in-chief: Jessica VanValkenburgh 
  •   Assistant Editors-in-chief: Hannah Morin, Carly Porter
  •   Business Manager: Jamon Jex
  •   Photo Editor: Shannon Marsh 
  •   Public Relations Officer: Alexandra Romano
  •   Senior Editors: Nicole Beisner, Skylar Saffer
  •   Sports Editor: Ulric Ayivi-Fandalor, John Fierstein

  Description: The award-winning yearbook is produced by the yearbook class taught by Ms. Walkowiak and is published every year.


Young Democrats

  Sponsor: Mr. Schuman  
 Co-Presidents - Xiaolin Yao & Anna Goorevitch, Vice President- Will Husted
The Young Democrats Club is dedicated to political activism in the DC area, promoting a progressive view of local and national politics, including volunteering for local campaigns and attending issues-based rallies and events

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