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  • MCPS and QOHS are now sending important information home via the email messaging system in Edline.  Teachers have already been using this to contact parents, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that ALL parents have the system enabled to receive emails through Edline.  

Edline Assistance 

Need help with Edline?

  • Parents new to Quince Orchard will receive their activation code in the mail from MCPS (mailed 8/26).  
  • Students new to QO will receive their activation code during homeroom on the first day of school. 
  • Translate a page into one of 50 other languages using the online directions.
  • All returning students and parents may access Edline with the same username and password as in previous years.

Lost/Forgotten your Activation Code/Username and Password?

  • Parents/Guardians needing an activation code (for new accounts) or username/password assistance should contact Mr. Malcolmson via email Gary_R_Malcolmson@mcpsmd.org
  • Students needing assistance accessing Edline should contact Ms. Yeck via email Jennifer_K_Yeck@mcpsmd.org or in room 152 before school, during lunch or after school.

Important Edline/Grading Dates

  • September 4th - Edline is loaded with first set of reports 
  • October 30th - Last day of Marking Period 1 
  • November 13th - Report Cards Distributed for Marking Period 1 
  • January 17th - Last day of Marking Period 2
  • January 30th - Report Cards Distributed for Marking Period 2
  • March 27th - Last day of Marking Period 3
  • April 9th - Report Cards Distributed for Marking Period 3
  • June 12th - Last day of School for Students
  • June 19th - Report Cards Mailed Home for Marking Period 4

Edline FAQs

Q: What is Edline?
A: Edline is a way for you to check your child's grades online.

Q: How do I access Edline (parent or guardian)?
A: You need to activate your account. Parent Edline activation codes were mailed home to parents (whose accounts were new) during the first week of school. Edline activation codes can be sent to parents if the student's full name, parent's full name and ID number are sent via email to the Edline Administrator. Once you have your activation code visit the following page - Click Here to Activate your Edline Account

Q: I have not received my Edline Activation code - How do I go about getting this code?
A: If you do not receive your code by the dates mentioned above, please contact the appropriate person listed above and make sure to include the full name of the student and ID number of the student, if a parent is requesting an account, the parent's full name must also be included in the request.

Q: I am nervous about activating my account. Do you have something that will help me through the process?
A: Short "How to" presentation on Activating Edline (ppt)
A: Short "How to" presentation on Activating Edline (Web Page)

Q: I have activated my account. Do I need to keep the activation code?
A: No! You may recycle the activation paper - you will now access Edline using the screen name and password you created during the activation process.

Q: I have forgotten my screen name and or password, what should I do?
A: First try the link at Edline that will send your information to the email address that you provided during the activation process. If that does not work or you did not provide an email address you will need to contact Jennifer Yeck with your child's full name and, if known, their mcps ID number. Please let him know that you forgot your password.

Q: My spouse and I are separated and we would like to be able to check grades, but through different accounts?
A: Yes, it is very easy to create a second parent account for a student. If this is what you would like please contact Gary Malcolmson with your child's full name and, if known, their ID number.

Q: How often will grades be updated?
A: Edline will be updated automatically each night from a teacher's gradebook starting September 2nd.

Q: My child's schedule is incorrect. When will this be fixed?
A: Schedules are automatically adjusted in Edline from MCPS central office. If the schedule is incorrect, it should adjust itself once the schedule is entered into the MCPS mainframe. These updates are scheduled to occur every night Sunday thru Thursday.

Q: I do not see my question listed - where can I get more help?
A: Read through the help at Edline or contact Jennifer Yeck, the Edline administrator . Be as specific as possible when describing your problem or request.

 Q: Can I see a page in another language?

A: Edline can be translated for non-English speaking users, so that they may continue to be kept informed about school. The Edline translation feature updates most of the content to the selected language. There are nearly 50 different languages to choose, see the directions online.

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