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David Gysberts, Resource Counselor


  Last Name Begins With:    
Edward Reed, Counselor A - Fa
Melissa Nagy, Counselor   Fb - Ho
Barbara Martin, Counselor   Hp - M
David Gysberts, Resource Counselor   N - R
Nelly Boishin, Counselor S - Z
Lisa Fedders, Secretary  


 Susan Hornburg, Registrar - 240.740.2417 



Rosalie DeOto, Career Counselor - 240.740.2449   

  • College and Career Center Website 


2018-19 Master Course List 2018-19 Registration Card

 Important notes regarding registration: 

1. Recommendations will only be made for math courses at the conclusion of the first semester, although students are encouraged to communicate with their current teachers about course recommendations at any time. Students registering for a math course for which they are not recommended will be required to submit a form with parent signature acknowledging the decision to go against the recommendation.

  2. Access registration online through MyMCPS Portal at this link: Look for “Class Registration” link on left after logging in. To choose courses, click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner to edit each section, click “Okay” when finished with that section. It is very important to click “Submit” at the bottom of the registration webpage in order to complete registration. Please contact your child’s counselor if you have trouble accessing MyMCPS Portal.

3. For the PHS master course list with course codes and the registration card (to be turned in with student and parent signature), please see the table above.

4. For more information about MD & MCPS graduation requirements, please visit:

5. For more information about specific magnet program requirements, please visit:


College and Career Planning Presentation, (Updated 9/14/17)

Financial Aid Presentation, September 2017

College and Career Planning for Juniors, Presentation shown in class, December 2016




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