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Attendance Information

Attendance is important at Northwest High School.  Students are expected to attend school on time everyday and if there is an illness or emergency students must submit a note to the attendance office within three days of their return.  Students who have numerous unexcused absences may receive a letter from MCPS with their absences listed.  This letter is automatically generated and if you receive a letter and have a concern, please contact your child's counselor and/or administrator.  


Sponsors: Jonathon Gordon / Kyle Culver

Administrator: Jimmy D'Andrea


President: Daniel Goodman

Vice President 1: Dylan Jaeger

Vice President 2: Kenneth Yeaher

Vice President 3: Maggie Palmore

Vice President 4: Nikki Hamidi

Parliamentarian: Dylan Le

Secretary: Diana Attiogbe

Historian: Logan Loewenstein

Treasurer: Shane Parcelles

MCR Liaison: Nolan Deja


Class Information

Class of 2018 Graduation Date:

June 6, 2018 at 1:30 pm

Xfinity Center at the University of Maryland, College Park


Senior Class Information - 2018 

Sponsors:  Samantha Fowler / Michelle Lapp

Administrator: Ericka Singleton


Class of 2018

President: Corey Jones

Vice President: Eeshah Haq

Secretary: Noor Alain

Historian: Brandon Tam

Treasurer: Amy Hoang

Junior Class Information - 2019 

Sponsors:  Sarah Pruchniewski / Dorothy Ellis

Administrator: Nikki Morales


Class of 2019

President: Claire Dormitzer

Vice President: Johnson Truong

Secretary: Violette Akpona

Historian: Hilary Lam

Treasurer: Jackson Truong

Sophomore Class Information - 2020  

Sponsors: Tyreece Woodly / Rashida Jackson

Administrator: Robin Wheeler


Class of 2020

President: Alison Murphy

Vice President: Bryan Zhang

Secretary: Hope Lockwood

Historian: Christina Williams

Treasurer: Jhanvee Patel

Freshman Class Information - 2021

Sponsors: Autumn Myers / Steve Krempasky

Administrator: Kristen Range


Class of 2021

President: Desiree Lee

Vice President: Michelle Williams

Secretary: Kadiatou Diallo

Historian: Zoe Dandenault

Treasurer: Alexandra Dressman


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