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About the AOF

The Academy of Finance is one of the four member programs sponsored by the National Academy Foundation (AOF, AOIT, AOHT, AOE). It is a small learning community that offers high school students an opportunity to study accounting, international trade, leadership, and the use of technology in preparing for college and the financial services industry.



The National Academy of  Finance is a college-preparatory  program. Its mission is to encourage high school students to take courses in financial studies and related disciplines.  By doing so, students gain valuable knowledge to prepare for meaningful careers and to build  personal wealth.

Who Can Join?

Students at Northwest High School in grades 9, 10, and sometimes 11 may become a member of the National Academy of Finance.

Benefits of The Academy of Finance

  • Six to eight week paid, meaningful business internships providing real world experiences  
  • Exposure to modern technology  
  • Participation in Job Shadowing Programs  
  • Course work opportunities at Montgomery College good for college credit  
  • Annual finance related field trips  
  • Development of advanced communication skills 
  • Attending Young Professional Conference 
  • Participation in mock interviews  
  • A solid academic background experience for those who might want to pursue a career in the financial management industry  
  • Recognition by College Admissions Offices 
  • Graduates acquire the problem-solving and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond

Course Offerings 

  • Accounting  
  • Economics  
  • Banking and Credit  
  • International Finance 
  • Financial Planning and Management 
  • Software Applications 
  • Internship  


The paid internship is perhaps the most memorable and critical component in the Academy of Finance experience. It is also one of the most rewarding, as it is the opportunity for students to apply, in a real world setting, what they have learned in their Academy of Finance classes in the preceding years.  


A paid internship is an extension of the Academy of Finance classroom instruction and curriculum that further develops and challenges the student in a business environment.  The internship is supervised by business leaders in a real-world setting resulting in a broad, relevant, enriching educational experience for the student. Paid internships provide the context in which a student's classroom learning is applied, and establishes a valuable foundation for any career the student chooses to pursue in the future. 



Academy Of Finance 2013-2014 Directors and Officers


Site Coordinator:  Matthew Paushter 



Finance Coordinator:  Nicola Richards



Internship Coordinator:  Sheri Phillips  






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