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Maryland General Assessments  


Technology Resources for Teachers  


For New Teachers  

Social Studies  

General Interest for Educators  


Cooperative Learning  

Foreign Language/ESOL  

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Maryland General Assessments

Maryland State Department of Education Homepage  

School Improvement in Maryland  

Performance Assessment Links in Science (PALS)  

MSPP Assessments Online  

Rubistar Rubric Generator  

Midlink Magazine Rubric/Evaluation Site  

Project Based Learning Checklists 

Technology Resources for Teachers

CNET Digital Photo Center  

Certificate Creator  

Internet Bookmarks  


Schoolnotes.com Post Notes on Web for your classes  

iDrive Stores large files  

Improving Computer Fluency with Shortcuts  

Catch the WAV Sound bites  

MCPS Web Resources  

Look Smart Science Multimedia  

Microsoft Clip Art Gallery  

Graphic Organizer Index  

North Central Regional Educational Library  

Write Design Graphic Organizers  

Library of Graphic Organizers  

Net Day Compass  

Teaching French With Technology  

The Pixel Foundry  

Power Point Presentation  


Apple Computer's Education Site  

MCPS Clip Art  

MCPS Training Documents Page -Software/Hardware Tutorials  

MCPS Electronic Literacy  

Internet Coach Puzzle Center  

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers  

Educational Technology Journal FNO  

MCPS Website Database Index  

Teachers' Internet Use Guide  

Web Teacher  

Clip Art Bookmarks  

MCPS Technology Website  

First Class from home  

Computer Virus Information  

Hotlist on the One Classroom Computer  


The Module Maker  

Midlink Online Magazine  

Appleworks Templates for Educators  

Project Based Checklists  

School Clip Art  

Pics for Learning  

For New Teachers



Classroom Management Website  

Teachers Helping Teachers  

Survival Guide for New Teachers  

PDP Resources  

PGC Professional Growth Resources  

Substitute Teacher Guide  

The Ultimate Teacher's Resource  

MCPS Office of Staff Development  

Report Card Comment Ideas  

Managing Stress  

Classroom Survival  

Discipline Tips  

Start the Year Off Right  

Creating a Professional Image  

Collaborative Unit Planning Sheets  

Inspiring Teachers.com  



General Interest for Educators


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators  

T.H.E. Technological Horizons in Education  

Classroom Connect  

Big Chalk Education Network  

Global School House  

Education World  

The Chalkboard  

CyberguidesLessons and Activities for all subjects

Instructor Magazine  

Grant Writing For Ed. Technology  

Rubrics 4 Teachers  

Blue N'Web  

Lesson Plan Place  

Teachers First  

Homework Spot  


Study Web  

Developing Educational Standards  


ALPS Active Learning Practices for Schools  

Gateway Educational Materials  

Bells and Whistles  

Discipline Website  

Smithsonian Institute  

MCPS High School Assessment Resource Page  

The Big Six Research Model  

B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper  

The Learning Kingdom  

Eduhound - Everything for K - 12  

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence  

Teacher Freebies  

Creative Teaching Site  

Teacher Aids  

Truth or Fiction?  

Don't Spread That Hoax  

Cooperative Learning Techniques  

Cooperative Teaching Network  

Marco Polo  


Cooperative Learning


Working in Small Groups  

Strategies for Helping Students Work in Groups  

Study Groups and Group Work  


Employee Benefits Plan


Aetna US Healthcare Dental Plan  

MCPS Division of Insurance and Retirement  

Carefirst Blue Cross POS and HMO  

National Vision Administrators  

Caremark Prescription Plan  

Optimum Choice  

Kaiser Permanente  

SHPS Flexible Spending Account  

Online Periodicals


USA Today Online  

PBS Teacher Resource  

New York Times Learning Network  


Washington Post Newspaper  

Gazette Newspaper  

The Journal Newpaper  

Kid Post -- Children's version of the Washington Post  

ABC News 4 Kids  

Baltimore Sun Newspaper  

BrainPop Washington Post  

Weather Channel  



Exploratorium Museum  

Baltimore Museum of Science and Industry  

California Academy of Science Museum  

Baltimore Museum of Science  

Baltimore Aquarium  

Smithsonian MuseumsHome Page

Smithsonian Research Centers  

Holocaust Museum  

Decatur House Museum  


Academy of Natural Sciences  

Walters Art Gallery Baltimore  

American Museum of Sceince and Energy  

China Fine Arts Museum  

Colonial Williamsburg  

Fort McHenry Museum  

Franklin Museum  

Historic St. Mary's City  

Kennedy Space Center  

Library of Congress On Line Exhibits  

Maryland Historical Society  

Metropolitan Museum of Art NY  

Miami Museum of Science  

Boston Museum of Science  

Plimoth Planatation  

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry  

Who Zoo Houston Zoo Page  

Cyber Newseum  

Children's Museum of Los Angeles  

Monterey Bay Aquarium/Webcams  

Primary Sources

Library of Congress  

CIA Home Page for Kids  

FBI Handbook of Forensic Sciences  

National Agricultural Library Kid's Page  



MCPS Science Curriculum  

The Learning Company Science Resources  

Score Science  

ScienceNet Links  

Yes I Can Science!- Robotics, Energy and Ecosystems

Sci-ber Text Resources  

Exploratorium Museum  

MCPS Science Fair  

Eisenhower Clearinghouse Center for Math and Science -Lesson plans  

Cool Science Site of the Day  

Name That Scientist  

Women in Science  

How Stuff Works  

MAD Scientist Network  

Nye the Science Guy  

Science Mysteries  

Who Dunnit Sleuths?  

Science Net Links  

Twenty Questions  

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab  

Science Careers  


Welcome to Brohm's Electric Zoo  

MCPS HS Biology Web Site  

Center for Disease Control (CDC)  


Datastreme Project  

National Weather Service  

Physics Education  


NASA Homepage  

Athena Space Science  


Kathy Schrock's Geology Web Sites  


Bridging the Watershed  

Ontario Science Centre Online  

Teaching Tips for Science Labs  

Human Anatomy Online  

Spaceship Earth  

Cell Structure Activity  


Math Goodies  

Algebra Resources  

MCPS Math Website  

General Math History Info  

Dr. Math  

Math Nerds  

Score Math  

Math Problem of the Week  

SAT Question of the Day  

Math/Science Resources  

Math Stories  




Math Problem of the Week  

Social Studies


MCPS Social Studies Curriculum  

MCPS Celebrate and Investigate Diversity Website  

Score History/Social Science  

The Learning Company History Resources  

Lessons For the New Millenium - Addresses World Problems  

CIA Home Page for Kids  

PBS - Explore the D.C.  

Maps on US  

Peace Corps World Wide Schools  

City Link  

Geography World  

Indigenous Austrailia  

Project Smart Vote  

CIA Factbook  


Paul Revere Virtual Museum  

National Geographic Xpedition Map Generator  

Sworn to Serve Medieval Lesson  



Score Language Arts  

MCPS English Curriculum  

SAT Question of the Day  

Librarians Information Online Network  

Cool Word of the Day  

Handbook for Storytellers  

Library Spot Resources  

Booklist Book Reviews  

Gloria's Writing Web Site  

Library Land  

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site  

Communication Skills Writing Program  

Library Web Manager's Reference Center  

University of Illinois - Schools Online Health Lessons  

Book Adventure  

Writing Prompts/Journal Topics  

Write Site  

Improving Reading Skills  

The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard  

Guidelines for Using Sources Fairly and Accurately  

Foreign Language/ESOL



MCPS Foreign Language Curriculum  

Casa de Joann  

The Learning Company ESOL/Foreign LanguageResources  

MCPS Celebrate and Investigate Diversity Website  

CIA Home Page for Kids  

Currency Converter  


World Skip  

Spelling/Tracing Paper Resource  

ESOL-English Language Games  




PE Central  

Health Windows for Kids  

Physical Education Lesson Plans  


Center for Disease Control (CDC)  

Health/Physical Ed Assessments  


Health A to Z  

Get it Straight! The Facts About Drugs

Interrelated Arts


Tin Foil.com Music Resource  

Clip Art Bookmarks  

Sounds from the Orchestra  

ArtsWire Online Resources for the Arts  

Art Museum Online  

MCPS Art Website  

Museum of Web Art  

MCPS Famuly and Consumer Sciences  

MCPS Music Web site:  

Jazz- PBS

Eyes on Art  

What is a Print?  

ArtEdventures - Color Theory  

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco  

Kennedy Center - Arts Edge  

Art Acess - Art Institute of Chicago  

Exploring Leonardo  


Essentials of Music  

Web Museum  

First Nations Art  

Tessellations Tutorial  

Cave Painting and Art History  

Special Ed


Special Education Resources  

The Learning Company Special Education Resources  

Tracing/Spelling Resource  



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