• Gr 4 student creates a Powtoon advertisement for corn with the help of Media Specialist Mrs. Cramer.
  • Gr 2 Students pose with their opinions about which books are best.
  • Congrats to 7 Woodlin 5th graders who performed in the County Honors Chorus
  • Woodlin students and parents bike to school.
  • Saving our best for last: Gr 5 team prepares our students for middle school.
  • Woodlin students make use of our courtyard and pond.
  • We won an energy savings award! Way to go, Wizards!
  • Choral performance at Einstein High School. May 30, 2019
  • Olympics 2019 girls are ready.
  • Olympics 2019: close call boys shuttle run.
  • JA in a Day: Students are learning financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
  • Author Fred Bowen shows students the fun of writing.
  • On the last day we have mixed feelings. Still Woodlin Proud!
  • Creativity comes naturally if you are a Wizard!
  • Supervising our safety and sending students off on the last day is commitment.
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