Literacy: Junior Great Books, Jacob's Ladder, William & Mary, Enriched Literacy Curriculum-Gr. 4, Lucy Calkins Writing Program


Junior Great Books:

Junior Great Books is a strong, inquiry-based language arts program that refines and extends students’ skills in reading, thinking, and communicating. The program is a model of student-centered learning in which students work with complex ideas and rigorous texts. The program uses well-crafted, multicultural reading selections that are rich in ideas and invite a number of interpretations. Through consistent use of the program students develop their reading and thinking skills by asking questions, formulating and sharing their opinions, and supporting their ideas with evidence from the selections they read.

Jacob’s Ladder:

Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program: Grades K-2 The program targets reading comprehension skills. The program includes stories and ladder tasks carefully selected for young children to develop oral communication and listening skills. Students in grades K–1 and 1-2 will learn to comprehend and analyze any reading passage after completing the activities in Jacob’s Ladder, including stories focused on picture analysis, read-alouds, classics, and original works.

Example of Jacob's Ladder experience for Grades 1-2

Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program: Grade 3-5 The program targets reading comprehension skills, by using skill ladders connected to short stories, poetry, essays, and nonfiction. Students move from lower order, concrete thinking skills to higher order, critical thinking skills. The ladders reinforce the multiple skills necessary for academic success, covering language arts standards such as sequencing, determining cause and effect, classifying, inferencing, and recognizing main ideas.

Example of Jacob's Ladder experience for Grades 4

William & Mary

The William and Mary Language Arts Program was specifically designed to meet the needs of high ability learners. It is a thematic literature-based program in which students read and respond to a collection of above-grade level texts in order to enhance their understanding of underlying themes. Through consistent use of the program's specific teaching models, students strengthen competence in reading, writing, and critical thinking. There are specific William and Mary Language Arts Units for grades two through eight.

Enriched Literacy Curriculum: Grade 4

The program was created using best practices in gifted education research utilizing components of Junior Great Books, William and Mary, and Lucy Calkins Unit of Study in Writing. The course is built around the core Grade 4 reading language arts curriculum standard and is designed for students that need advanced, rigorous instruction parallel to the learning experiences of students in the Centers for Enriched Studies. The program provides instructional opportunities with complex literary and informational texts, and writing instruction based on developing the writer through writing process and writing workshop. It establishes an instructional atmosphere that promotes critical and creative thinking.

Lucy Calkins Writing Program

The mission of the Lucy Calkins program is to build children’s confidence in expressing themselves through writing. It is a systematic workshop approach, kindergarten through fifth grades, which provides students with the time and support they need to become lifelong writers.

Writing is not only texting, emailing and social media. In the Lucy Calkins program students become proficient in generating ideas and organizing their thoughts to create narrative, opinion and informational pieces.

Students learn to love writing and feel the power of writing well.

  Lucy Calkins Teacher Resource Books

September 2018

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