Woodlin New Building Information

Presentations & Community Notifications


PTA Board Meeting - June 16, 2021 (click here for the Woodlin Rebuild Presentation)


BOE Schematic Plan - January 12, 2021 (click here for the Schematic Plan)


PTA Community meeting - August 4, 2020 (click here for the Presentation)


Work Session #2 - July 14, 2020    (click here for the Meeting Presentation)   


Work Session #1 - June 23, 2020  (click here for the Meeting Presentation) 


Schematic Design Community Letter for the Woodlin  New School Facility Project


For additional information, please visit the Woodlin Elementary School Project Web Page If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Mr. Kenneth Futch, project manager at 240-314-1000.