RHO KAPPA National Social Studies  Honor Society

Sponsors: Mrs. Geri Acquard

Sponsors: Mrs. Kathy Simmons

Sponsors: Mr. Mitch Joy


RHO KAPPA is governed by an elected student council.

  • Sara Karbowski
  • Ben Kim
  • Frans Rejsjoe
  • Thomas Richardell

RHO KAPPA:  The purpose of Rho Kappa is to celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to a high level of performance in WJHS social studies and service to the WJHS community.

In order to be eligible to join Rho Kappa you must:

a) Have an overall UNWEIGHTED GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

b) Have taken 2 of the 3 Social Studies core classes at the AP level with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher (Core classes are: US History, US Government, and Modern World History - you may be currently enrolled in one or more of these classes to be eligible).

c) Have taken 3 or more additional elective college credit-bearing courses in Social Studies with no semester grade below B. The current course offerings that meet this requirement are AP European History, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP Comparative Government, AP Human Geography, and HONORS/CLEP Sociology.

d) Be enrolled in a WJ Social Studies course each semester of their senior year to maintain active membership, even if all other academic requirements are met (these can be non-AP elective social studies courses).

e) Uphold all aspects of personal integrity as stated in the MCPS and WJHS Student Codes of Conduct and Academic Integrity -attend all Rho Kappa meetings and planned activities.

f) Meet the tutoring, community service, and cultural requirements by the established deadlines.

g) Pay the required new membership fee (to be determined by MCPS; expected to be approximately $15).


In order to maintain your Rho Kappa membership you must:

a) Have College Board Test scores of 3 or higher for each completed Advanced Placement Social Studies Core Course.

b) Have a score of 53 for CLEP Sociology (if enrolled/completed).

c) Have a score of 3 or higher for at least 3 AP Social Studies electives that were completed at the time of application.

d) Maintain the grades that got you into Rho Kappa.

Please note that Rho Kappa members must meet the above requirements in order to maintain active membership and receive recognition at graduation.

Invitations to join will be sent via your mcpsmd.net email based on your eligibility. The induction ceremony will take place during the second quarter for those who meet the criteria.

Want to join? The application opens on October 5, 2023 and closes on October 13, 2023. Click here to open the application.