WJ Chinese Honor Society
WJ 全美中文学会

Sponsor: Ms. Songtao Shu - Chinese Honor Society

Tutoring: Rm G32 Every other Tuesday during Lunch

2023-2024 Officers:
President: Emily Mu
Vice-President: Mallory Striplin
Secretary: Leyton Seo
Treasurer: Sela Nesin

Purpose: The goal of the Chinese Honor Society is to recognize students who dedicate and promote interest in Chinese language and culture….and bring all these students together to spread/introduce different aspects of the Chinese culture to WJ!


  • Tutoring every other Tuesday lunch time in G32
  • Activities to celebrate major Chinese holidays
  • Concession stands and other fundraising
  • Represent China during International Night
  • Formal Induction Ceremony (mid-May)
  • Other cultural events

Induction Requirements

  • Taken AT LEAST three semesters of Chinese at the high school level
  • Have a 90 percent or above in Chinese upon entering the CHS society. (Students are required to maintain a 90 percent after they enter CHS)
  • Native speakers with an A for one semester in AP Chinese are also eligible for nomination
  • Participate in the induction ceremony for new member

Requirements for Graduation Honor Cords

  • Attend CHS meetings regularly
  • Participate in at least 3 CHS activities per semester (These activities may be in-school or concession stands)
  • Tutor at least once per semester

Chinese students are strongly encouraged to become a member or attend tutoring sessions for one-on-one help!