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October is National Bullying Prevention Month and You Can Plan a Critical Role

According to statistics, more than 1 out of every 5 students reports being bullied.  In addition, membership in either a bully or victim group is associated with school dropout, poor social development, criminal activity or other negative long-term consequences.  Popular social media sites and apps have created additional venues for young adults to be cruel to one another and carry problems from outside the school house back into the school house taking the focus off of learning.  In truth, bullying leaves scars for both the targets and can incapacitate its perpetrators well into adulthood by virtue of their having difficulty keeping employed, maintaining relationships as well as being prone to addictions. 

There are some key ways to help:

Westland Middle School Counselors teach students skills regarding how to handle bullying situations and deal with conflict.  Students are taught that bystanders, the largest group of students, can play an important role in getting bullying to stop.

Students are also informed about the Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting form (MCPS Form 230-25, and also online HERE) which may be found on the Westland Middle School website and may be filled out by any concerned student or adult.

Further, every Westland Middle School student has information on bullying in their agenda/planner on page 8.

Finally, parents and guardians are asked to have frank discussions with their students about bullying so that their students will feel comfortable bringing this subject up to them should the need arise in the future. 

So this October, and every day thereafter, take a stand against bullying and make sure you are part of an anti-bullying culture!


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