The parent website provides information about Naviance and is located here –

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps students connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals and success.  Using Family Connection, students can: take assessments and surveys, create goals and to-dos, and research careers and colleges. 

Westland will  provide quarterly college and career readiness focused lessons through Naviance for students in grades 6,  7, and 8.  The lessons are a component of the comprehensive school counseling program.

How will students use it in middle school?

  • To take surveys to learn about the students career and college interests
  • To set academic, career and personal goals
  • Use Road Trip Nation to learn about careers
  • To communicate with my counselor

How will students use it in high school?

  • Explore careers
  • Post-secondary planning
  • College search
  • Scholarship search
  • Complete the college application process

Quarter One – Naviance Lessons for 6th, 7th & 8th grades:

In early November, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students were introduced to Naviance, Family Connection.  It was explained that the website is a toolbox for them to use throughout middle school and high school in order to help them formulate a plan for their future college and career experience.

The students were asked to answer questions from the scavenger hunt (found under the tab – About Me) which enabled them to explore the 4 tabs and what they offer; they also viewed a motivational video (found under the tab Careers). The 8th grade students were additionally asked to identify an academic goal for the school year.  

They may not have completed these tasks, so they were told to finish them at home. We explained that the lessons are NOT graded; however, they are expected to complete the introductory lessons by December 31st.

To log onto the site, students were given the following steps:

1.  Type in - & hit enter

2.  In the lower left corner, click on:

     Sign in: For Students and Families & hit enter

3. Type in Westland’s zip code – 20816

4. Click on Westland Middle School

5. Next page - you will see Welcome to Family Connection

     In the space for the user name, enter your student ID #

     In the space for the password, enter your student ID #

    This seemed to confuse students – they do enter their ID # in both spaces

6. Now you are in the site and you will see the four tabs:

     Colleges/Careers/About Me/My Planner

Students will use this toolbox along with their parents to plan their next few years and to explore colleges and careers.

Each quarter, a new lesson will be introduced to the students in order to help them navigate the site.  Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s counselor should you have any questions. 

 Grade 6 Informational PowerPoint

Grade 6 Quarter 1 Lesson

Grade 6 Quarter 2 Lesson

Grade 7 Quarter 1 Lesson

Grade 7 Quarter 2 Lesson

Grade 8 Lessons

Grade 8 Quarter 2

Grade 8 Quarter 3-4

  Please contact your student’s counselor should you have any questions.