The goal of the ESOL program is to help the English Language Learners to learn enough English to function linguistically and culturally in the Montgomery County Public Schools and in the mainstream of American society.  

ELD Teacher

Robyn Goldman


To provide high quality instruction, assessment, counseling, and parent outreach activities that enable English language learners to demonstrate successful academic performance across all curricular areas


To promote the effective instruction of all English language learners across the curriculum to enable them to acquire the social and academic English needed to achieve in all content areas, pre K-12

Useful Resources

MCPS ESOL Homepage

E.S. Websites for English Language Learners

ACCESS for ELLs Test - English Language Proficiency Assessment

 ACCESS for ELLs is the state-mandated test of English language proficiency administered to ESOL students annually. The test results are used to demonstrate the progress Maryland State ESOL students are making in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

At this time the ACCESS for ELL testing wil be administrered, however, the dates have not yet been solidified. Please continue to check back here and in Dr. Wade's monthly Dolphin Tale newsletter for more detailed information regarding the dates and procedures of how this yearly standardized test will be administered to all ESOL students.