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While all of our learning takes place virtually, we will use this page as our base for teaching and learning in the media program. It is our Virtual Media Center.

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Media Center Staff and Hours:


Jenny Corrado - Media Specialist  

Kris Sellman - Media Assistant 



The library staff will provide an environment of safety, respect, and patience that aims to empower students to reach their fullest potential by creating challenging educational experiences.


Our mission is to provide an environment in which all individuals in the school community are empowered to become life-long learners and effective users of information, ideas, and technology.

The Travilah media program provides access to materials in all formats.  Media staff strives to collaborate with faculty to integrate curriculum with information and technology literacy skills.  By working with other educators, media staff foster competence and stimulate interest in reading and becoming life-long learners.

Student input was used to develop our "School Library Media Center Rules for Success"


Teachers must schedule students or groups of students conducting research in advance with the media specialist.  This notice provides the necessary time needed to locate appropriate materials, which ensures the students’ success and involvement in the research process.

Collaboration between the media specialist and teachers plays a vital role in integrating information literacy standards with curriculum.

Flexible scheduling is the goal of the Travilah media program.
All classes will have flexibly scheduled media times for research projects and lessons using a variety of resources and technology. 

Circulation of Materials for Students:

Kindergarten: Two items with no overdues.
First Grade: Two items with no overdues.
Second-Fifth Grade: Four items with no overdues.

Travilah has an open circulation policy. Students may check out and return books at any time of day. Each book is barcoded. Students are also identified by barcodes and are given a "library card" with this number to speed up the circulation process. When visiting the media center, students must bring their card.  Students may use the patron’s catalog, Destiny, to search for materials.

The main time for book exchange is from 9:25 to 9:45 each morning.  Library aides (recruited from the fourth grade) assist kindergarten children during this time.

Destiny Media Center Catalog

Destiny Destiny Media Center Catalog!   

Our Media Center Circulation program is Destiny. It is web-based and can be reached from home by going to You can use the Basic Catalog Search or the option for Destiny Quest in the left hand menu.  As a guest you can search our catalog, make a list of books, and print it out. Students or staff can log in with their computer login and password to see what they have checked out, make lists of what they want to read, and rate the books they have read. This information is saved in the student’s account to use whenever they log in again.  You can easily keep track of what is checked out to your student and when it is due back to the media center. They can search for information for reports and good books to read for fun.  All students are able to access Destiny Library Manager 24/7. From home students have access to the features that are accessible once they login, i.e., creating resource lists, receive recommendations (from library staff or teachers), create book reviews, and view their account (see items checked out and due dates.)   

 Please use the Lexile Information sheet to search for books within a specific Lexile range.


Books and periodicals may be checked out for up to two weeks.  Each student may return or renew a book on an as needed basis.  Some reference materials may be circulated for overnight use with the media specialist’s permission. 


Students who have overdue materials may not checkout until these materials are returned to the media center.  Students’ overdue notices will be distributed to classroom teachers on the first and third Mondays of each month. 

Damaged Materials:

If materials are returned to the media center in damaged condition, a letter may be sent to the student’s parents/guardians requesting payment for the materials or a replacement. Students may not checkout additional materials until payment or a replacement is provided.  We appreciate the cooperation of parents who help their children keep our library books safe, clean, and dry.

Lost Materials:

After two overdue notices, the media center will send a letter and a notice to parents/guardians requesting help in finding the materials. Students may not checkout additional materials until the lost items have been returned to the media center.

However, students needing materials for school assignments may meet with Mrs. Simkanich to establish alternative arrangements, if the students have lost or damaged materials.

Student Computer Rights and Responsibilities:

Students acknowledge that they are aware of Travilah’s expectations for the educational use of technology.  They are also making a commitment to be responsible users of technology.

As part of the effort to help students abide by the regulations, you can read MCPS Regulation IGT-RA and locate more information about Cyber Safety.

All students in Grades K-5 are asked to take time with their parents to openly discuss, understand, and commit to the guidelines for acceptable use of technology resources at school. We ask every student and their parents sign this Student Technology Contract.

Responsible Use of Technology--Student Expectations

Online Resources for Home Use:

Homework Resources are online resources that students may access from home.

Travilah also has additional resources. Please ask the media specialist for user names and passwords. All services are available for home use.

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