Parent Reunification Plan

Stonegate may experience an emergency that requires that students be dismissed from school other than the usual time or location. In these rare instances, Stonegate will use a procedure known as the Parent/Child Reunification (PCR) Plan. This plan is designed to be a safe and orderly procedure used to reunite students and parents in the event of an emergency. Depending on the situation, the PCR plan could be implemented at Stonegate or at an off-site location if the school building is unsafe.

When a PCR is necessary, Stonegate and MCPS will use several means of communicating the necessary information to the parents and guardians by using Connect-ED phone calls, QuickNotes, press releases, Twitter accounts, and the MCPS website.  We will send home with each student a PCR Authorization for Release form at the beginning of the school year for parents to complete and send back to their child’s homeroom teacher.  This form allows the school to release your child to the person(s) listed in the event of an emergency/crisis using parent/child reunification protocols.  In the event that we do not receive your PCR form, we will only release your child to those listed on their Student Emergency Information Card.  All persons coming to pick up a student during a Reunification event will be required to show identification before the students released to their care.  Be sure to notify whomever you have authorized to pick up your child.

In addition, parents, guardians, and authorized individuals can help facilitate a safe and orderly PCR by adhering to the following procedures:
•Subscribe to the communication tools on the MCPS website:
•Come to school only after MCPS has notified you that the school is ready to begin the PCR process.
•Bring personal identification to assist school staff who will be identifying people that have been approved to pick up students. Custody issues remain in effect.
•Park only in approved areas—do not park in the bus loop; do not block entrances or exits.
•Follow instructions from school staff members as you enter and leave the building.

Safety and security is a priority. Stonegate will always take precautions to prevent an emergency; however, if an emergency does occur, Stonegate staff members will protect and shelter your children until they are reunited with you.

Click here to download the PCR form.