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The Stonegate PTA hosts an email list (or group email service) for the Stonegate Elementary School community. Parents, teachers, and staff can join the email list to get the latest information about upcoming school events, email alerts in the event of early school closings, and other information about the school. You'll never miss another school event or PTA meeting again! In addition, members can send their own email requests to the group for requests for volunteers to help with school events, or anything else related to the school.


If you would like to join the email list, please send an email to: The message line of the email can be blank, but please put your child's name and grade in the body of the email. (This is for security purposes - the email list is only open to parents, teachers, and staff at Stonegate.) If you have any questions or problems subscribing, send an email to


Once you are signed up, you'll receive a confirming email. You can then send email to the group by sending an email to You don't need to have a Yahoo account in order to receive the emails - just sign up using whatever email address you want. If you later decide that you'd like to access the StonegateWeb homepage, which contains an archive of the email messages, you can sign up for a free Yahoo account to get access without having to change your email address. The website is


A few reminders and hints for everyone:

By signing onto the website ( and editing your profile, you can choose how often you want to receive email messages. You can get them as they are posted, in a single email digest at the end of the day, or only if the message is a special notice.


You can sign up using more than one email address. For example, you can sign up to receive all messages at your personal email account and sign up your work email to receive only special notices, which will be time-critical info like school closings. (You can also sign up directly with MCPS by going to


We hope you enjoy StonegateWeb and find it useful.

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