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Ms. Tiffanie McIntosh


Stonegate's Counseling Program


My goal is to help all students grow into healthy social and emotional individuals, by learning strong problem solving skills and an appreciation for who they are as individuals as well as valuable members of our school community. When kids are doing well socially and emotionally they tend to be much stronger academically and the overall school community tends to thrive! I want all of our kids not only to be the best they can be academically but to also be amazing individuals and community members!


Whole Class Lessons

I will visit each classroom monthly for classroom guidance lessons. We will focus on various topics concerning social and emotional learning. Classroom guidance is a great way to build social-emotional learning on a school wide scale! 

Small Groups

I also provide small group lessons where we will work on a wide variety of topics according to the need. Many times small groups will serve to reinforce a social-emotional area that we learned about in classroom guidance. I generally will hold these groups during lunch in my office, as I try my best not to disturb student’s academic instruction.  

Individual Counseling

Students who have a problem during the school day are encouraged to come and talk to me. The older kids can write a referral and deliver it to me when the teacher gives them permission, and the younger students are either escorted to see me or I come and get them if need be. Most of the time I am able to have a brief conversation with the student, where a moment of talking out their feeling or concern is enough. Other times I may need to see the student on more of a brief but consistent basis, when this is needed I will let the parents know. My goal is to always address the need and get the child back to the class as soon as possible to continue instruction.

Class meetings  

Teachers will continue to have class meetings in their rooms. It is an opportunity for children to share how they are feeling and give positive and helpful feedback to their classmates in a safe and structured environment. Students learn to take on leadership roles and run the meetings with guidance and support from their teacher. Issues and conflicts are brought up with the goal of group participation in the problem solving process which enables students to be an active part of addressing and determining solutions for classroom concerns. If you have questions about these meetings please don’t hesitate to contact the classroom teacher or myself.

Core Value Award Winners 

Each quarter, in a town hall meeting, we will recognize students who have been nominated by their teachers for consistently showing our core values for the quarter. Those students’ names will be called and they will receive a certificate.

Shark Bites Breakfast

We will be continuing our Shark Bite Breakfast this year! Teachers will nominate one student each month to a Shark Bites breakfast, where Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Till, Mrs. Bullock and I will make and serve pancakes and other healthy breakfast items. Students are selected for the following criteria:

  • Follow the core values
  • Stay engaged in learning tasks
  • Are a positive role model
  • Show acts of kindness and thoughtfulness

Middle School Information

If you are a parent of a 5th grader, you have some options when it comes to middle school. Most of our students will go to White Oak Middle School or Farquhar Middle school depending on their home location. However, there are other Middle school options through the Middle School Magnet Consortium and the Highly Gifted Middle School programs. Please take a moment to visit the links below for more information. Talk about your options as a family so you can be informed when it comes time to make some choices. I will be presenting the process and all that’s involved to students in October.

FAQ for Students About Middle School Magnets  

Middle School Presentation for Parents  

Contact Me

 You can contact me by email of phone.
(301) 989-5668


I was born and raised in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) area and I am a product of Montgomery County Public Schools, where I graduated from Springbrook High School and attended Howard University for undergrad. When I am not at work I really enjoy practicing the martial arts and I am an avid movie goer. What I love most about working with elementary school kids is being able to be involved in their social-emotional learning at such an important age of social emotional development. This is my tenth year working for Montgomery County Public Schools.